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Artificial Grass in Livermore, Alameda County, California & Beyond.

Looking for artificial grass in Livermore, Alameda County, CA? Look no further than Watersavers Turf. Since, we’re the premier suppliers of artificial grass in Livermore, Alameda County, CA; you can choose from more than 40 styles of turf. Along with plenty of faux grass options, we also carry all the tools you’ll need to install and maintain it. For contractors who want to learn the business of installing artificial grass in Livermore, Alameda County, CA, we offer free classes. If you simply need a contractor to install it for you, we’ll be happy to refer one, when you buy from us.

The Benefits of Fake Grass in Livermore, CA

It’s not easy to list all the benefits of fake grass in Livermore, CA. There are just too many to keep track of. A big one is savings. Lower bills are one of the chief benefits of fake grass in Livermore, CA. Unlike real grass, you don’t need to water or mow our products. All the money you would have spent on lawn care over the years can now go towards paying bills or taking a family trip. On top of that, you’ll conserve a lot of water when you make the switch. Saving the planet? Just another one of the benefits of fake grass in Livermore, CA.

Need some numbers to convince you? Look at it this way; when you replace a grass lawn with a fake turf lawn, you could end up saving $2,000 per year. You’ll also save about 30,000 gallons of water yearly. That adds up to quite a lot over time. Take a look at our Annual Cost Savings Chart to get the full picture.

You should also know that our products are lead-free, non-toxic, and contain no crumb rubber. As such, they’re safe for you and your family. They’re even safe for your pets! Read our artificial grass testing page for our product certifications.

Artificial Grass for Livermore, Alameda County, CA Offered by Watersavers Turf!

Watersavers Turf’s Benefits for Lawn Replacement in Livermore, CA and Beyond

We don’t just offer a wide range of faux grass products at Watersavers Turf. We’re also the only supplier in the region to offer an 18-year residential use warranty (10-year commercial use). Every step of the way, we work to provide clear benefits for lawn replacement in Livermore, CA.

That’s true whether you’re planning a turf project or helping someone else realize theirs. All over the world, people are finding more reasons to install fake grass on their properties. That means there’s an increased demand for crews that offer faux grass lawn replacement service. If you’re a contractor, you want to get in on this business.

If you’re looking for the right turf for your lawn replacement, we’re sure to have the perfect option for your goals. When you have a variety to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect fit. We offer free 1’ x 1’ turf samples, so you’ll have no problem choosing the right one for your project.

To pick up your samples, head to one of our SF Bay Area locations. If you’re not from around here, that’s not an issue. We’ll gladly ship our samples to any destination in the Continental United States. If you’re a contractor, we’ll even ship them free.

We want every person who uses our products to know that synthetic grass can be more than just a surface to replace your lawn. There are plenty of unique and fun ways to use it. We keep track of them via our blog posts. Read them often, and they will inspire you to think up your own creative projects.

Last but not least, Watersavers Turf offers the most competitive pricing in Northern CA. Want more info? Call 844-974-8873, or contact us online for a free estimate.

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Uses for Residential Artificial Grass and Commercial Synthetic Grass

Whether you own a home or business, you’ll find plenty of uses for residential artificial grass and commercial synthetic grass.

As you already know, you can save a lot of money with our products. If you own a home, you can also use them to bring your dream lawn to life.

Most people want their lawns to look bright and green. However, it’s not easy to achieve this goal. A lot of lawn care goes into keeping a yard looking its best. Even if you stay on top of upkeep tasks, you can’t prevent bad weather from ruining your lawn in an instant.

People who switch to faux grass soon learn that it’s the much better option if you care about good landscape design. Unlike real grass, it will always look just as green and perfect as it did when you first installed it. You don’t even need to replace your entire lawn. Some people prefer to merely convert a section of their yard into a green outdoor lounge area they can enjoy all year long.

People with kids also find that faux grass gives them peace of mind. When you install extra cushions beneath it, your kids are less likely to hurt themselves while playing in the yard.

For business owners, there are many smart reasons to consider fake turf. No matter what sort of business you own, you want people who visit to be impressed with the look of your property. If you own a store, a green lawn will attract more business. If a client visits your office, they’ll notice your clean yard.

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. At music venues, fake grass allows for extra lawn seating. At hotels, it can be used to turn unused roof areas into an outdoor bar and lounge spaces for guests. Café owners use faux grass to install al fresco dining spots. At malls, it can provide a sense of being out in nature.

Uses for Artificial Sports Turf and Pet Grass in Livermore, CA

Artificial grass supplier for Livermore, Alameda County, CA, Watersavers Turf.

The uses for artificial sports turf and pet grass may be even greater in number than the uses for other styles of turf.

That’s because many people first learned about fake turf via sports. It’s a common choice on sports fields for many reasons.

First, it stands up to hard impacts during gameplay. Real grass can suffer damage during a game, damage that can be costly to repair.

Second, a grass field will get messy after rain. Fake turf stays in good shape, even when harsh weather strikes. That means fewer games get canceled.

Third, faux grass stays even and flat. This makes players less likely to injure themselves.

In fact, faux grass is a very popular option for school districts looking to keep their sports programs. Parents are happy that their young athletes are safer on the field, and the district saves money that would have been spent on lawn care for a real grass field.

Fake turf is also useful if you own a dog. On the one hand, you want them to get a workout in, so you let them run around the yard. On the other hand, you may not be thrilled when they track all that dirt and mud back in with them. Install a lawn or dog run with our products, and the problem is solved. Your dog gets a play area; you get a cleaner house.

If you own a kennel, install a play space with fake turf. Doing so will help grow your business. People want to know their dogs have a safe outdoor place they can run around in during their stay.

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Find Turf Tools and Turf Accessories in Livermore, CA

With Watersavers turf, it’s easy to find turf tools and turf accessories in Livermore, CA. We carry just about any item you could need to get the most out of our products.

Are you a contractor? Try the EasySeam machine. With this device, you can bind turf sections quickly without glue. This helps you get jobs done much faster. As you know, the less time it takes you to complete a job, the more work you can take on.

Want to add some green color to your outdoor walls? We have faux boxwood and ivy panels that are perfect for your goals. Or maybe you just need some golf flags? We’ve got those too. To see all that we have to offer, check our full catalogue.

Find Artificial Grass in Your City

All the artificial turf accessories and tools that you need in Livermore, Alameda County, CA at Watersavers Turf!

Finding artificial grass in your city is easy when you shop at Watersavers If you are not a Livermore local, we can also ship to these California cities and more (Shipping to the San Francisco Bay Area is free.):

Anaheim, Antioch, Bakersfield, Berkeley, Burbank, Carlsbad, Chula Vista, Clovis, Compton, Corona, Costa Mesa, Daly City, Downey, El Cajon, El Monte, Elk Grove, Escondido, Fairfield, Fontana, Fremont, Fresno, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Glendale, Hayward, Huntington Beach, Inglewood, Irvine, Lancaster, Livermore, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Menlo Park, Modesto, Moreno Valley, Murrieta, North Glendale, Norwalk, Oakland, Oceanside, Ontario, Orange, Oxnard, Oxnard Shores, Palmdale, Pasadena, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, Rialto, Richmond, Riverside, Roseville, Sacramento, Salinas, San Bernardino, San Carlos, San Diego, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Ana, Santa Clara, Santa Clarita, Santa Maria, Santa Rosa, Simi Valley, South Gate, Stockton, Sunnyvale, Temecula, Thousand Oaks, Torrance, Universal City, Valencia, Vallejo, Van Nuys, Ventura, Victorville, Visalia, Walnut Creek, West Covina

We can even ship to anywhere in the Continental US:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

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Things to Do in Livermore, Alameda County, CA

Play on the synthetic turf sports field at Cayetano Park for a fun thing to do in Livermore, California.

People with all sorts of interests always seem to find things to do in Livermore, Alameda County, CA. If you’re a history buff, the city is home to five landmarks included in the National Registry of Historic Places. For those who are looking for more outdoorsy things to do in Livermore, Alameda County, CA, the new Cayetano Park is perfect for sports or picnics. There is a synthetic turf sports field and a BBQ picnic area. There are also plans for new a regional performing arts center. There are plenty of things to do within Livermore, CA now and even more in the near future.

If you’re ever in the area, be sure to visit the nearest Watersavers Turf location. If you’re not going to be nearby anytime soon, contact us online or call 844-974-8873 toll-free. While you have us, ask about our free large 1’ x 1’ samples, free delivery offers, and free estimates.

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