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Artificial Turf Components and Artificial Turf Blade Designs

Many improvements have been made since artificial turf came on the market. There are now more than eleven choices of leaf designs. This is what we call “Blade Technology.” While faux grass is nothing new, the way it is being used is new, and it’s exciting to see all the creative ideas. Artificial grass supplier, Watersavers Turf, has over 28 years of landscaping experience and can offer advice on what blade technology is best for your landscape installation.

Artificial Grass Blade Designs

There are several artificial grass blade designs to choose from depending on its use. One of the most popular is the diamond blade for its durability, look and feel. For a more realistic look, go for the seven stem design.

In high traffic areas, the double W blade design is a good choice, and it resists high temperature. Used on playgrounds and sports fields, the U-blade is also a durable option. To get rid of the shiny look that some turf has, the M-blade allows light to pass through its surface.

Stem grass is another popular choice. It looks and feels realistic and has a hollow blade design that keeps the surface cool on hot summer days. The V-shape and C- design blades are intended to make the blades stand upright especially under pressure.

The S-blade reflects sunlight eliminating a “white” look. The W-blade stays cooler than other grasses on the market. Depending on your needs there is a blade design for everyone.

Artificial Turf Components and Technology

Faux grass blades are much like real grass except that they are resistant to UV rays and are made from polyethylene. They come in engineered blades and standard blades. Engineered blades stand up on their own because they are thicker. Below is some more information about this and other artificial turf components:

Blade Info:

  • Performance –Hollow Blade, W-Blade, C-Blade, and U-Blade. These styles are good for high traffic and are very durable.
  • Moisture Retention –W-Blade contains Cool Max Technology, reflects sunlight and is 15-20 degrees cooler than other styles. The Hollow Blade keeps moisture in the stems longer cooling down the lawn.
  • Less Shine –S-Blade diffuses light to eliminate shine. M-Blade allows light through to get rid of the shiny look of many types of faux grass.
  • Realistic – stem grass blades are the most popular blade design because they look and feel like real grass.

Thatch – this holds up the blades making it look real and is brown or green.

Height – the pile height of the blade itself.

Face Weight – number of ounces per square yard, the more blades and thatch the higher the face weight.

Backing – three layers of fabric and polyurethane (glue) with the exception of Pet Turf, WST85, which is a completely woven product.

Cooling Technology

The latest in cool grass is KoolMax technology which allows heat to dissipate passively. It keeps your lawn up to 15% cooler. This can be achieved with products that have the W-blade design.

Pet Grass Technology

Flo-Rite-Thru design is the secret that will keep your synthetic lawn virtually odorless. Liquid drains through it which makes keeps our product looking and smelling good.

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