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Faux GrassKid and Pet – Friendly

All of the faux grass at Watersavers Turf is 100% lead-free and non-toxic. We do not stock crumb rubber infill. That makes our live lawn substitutes safe for kids and pets and for use all around residential and commercial areas.

All our synthetic turf products are tested by TraceAnalysis, Inc., Lubbock, Texas. We can provide Certificates of Analysis upon request.

CDC on Health Benefits of Active Play for Kids

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the obesity rate among young children has doubled over the last two decades. This change is due in part to a lack of active outdoor play, as kids spend more hours sitting inside. Playtime in the yard means healthier kids. The benefits of time spent outside include better muscle development thanks to exercise and a boost in vitamin D absorption due to sunlight. Faux grass offers a safe and appealing surface for active kids. With minimal care, the year-round green and consistent soft texture offer a lawn that’s ready for play, no matter the weather. When installed with the right infill and padding, artificial turf even reduces injury risk for small scrapes and big falls. When compared to popular play surfaces like mulch, a live lawn substitute handles impact better, and the even texture means fewer skids and slips. When properly installed, the shock absorption and smooth, soft surface make a faux grass lawn ideal ground for kids to jump, fall, and run.

Federal Task Force on Health Risks for Crumb Rubber Usage on Faux Grass

In 2016, a federal inquiry will begin as the EPA, the CDC, and the CPSC launch the first steps of their joint action plan to study crumb rubber. This controversial material recycles post-consumer rubber tires for use as infill on faux lawns. Allegations have been raised that exposure to airborne toxins from crumb rubber may have health risks. This issue particularly concerns parents and pet owners. The vulnerable lung size of animals and children puts them at increased risk if the material proves unsafe. There are alternatives to using crumb rubber infill, like padding that’s made of more rigorously tested materials. Until the health implications are entirely clear, many experts suggest avoiding infill products made from the crumb material. That’s why Watersavers Turf does not stock any crumb rubber.

Lead in Real Grass SubstitutesFindings from the NIEHS

In 2010, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences published findings which state that live grass substitutes made of lead are a health hazard. They discovered that over time, synthetic turf made with lead breaks down into fibers and dust that contain the toxin at levels that may pose risks to kids. Because of the dangers of long-term exposure, it’s important to look for faux lawn products that don’t contain lead. All the products we carry are lead-free, so it’s safe for kids and pets to play on, whether the lawn is old or new.

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