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Artificial Boxwood Hedge Creates Green Spaces at Home and Work

October 15, 2018

Artificial boxwood hedges create green spaces at home and at work. Studies show that people find it’s much easier to relax when they have the chance to spend time in a green space during the day. Of course, this kind of space requires upkeep. Live hedges need frequent maintenance. However, with artificial boxwood hedge panels from Watersavers Turf, you avoid having to constantly shear and prune them. Watersavers’ artificial boxwood hedge panels come in both light and dark green so you can get creative when designing your home garden or office space.

Key Benefits of Outdoor Artificial Plants

Outdoor artificial plants offer many benefits for both homeowners and office workers First, it’s worth noting that they stay in great shape all year long. This means there will always be a green space in which to relax. Unlike real plants, outdoor artificial plants don’t need water. They also don’t need any trimming. Outdoor artificial plants withstand drought and help save water and money. Our product can provide everyone with a calming space without having to hire someone to keep it in good condition throughout the year.

Adding these products to your residential or commercial property has the following benefits:

An Easy Escape

People need time to get away from the stress of work during the day. Simply heading to the kitchen or break room for a cup of coffee isn’t enough for some people. A person’s mental health will benefit much more from spending time in a green space whether the plants are real or synthetic. Check out this study to learn more.

Better Productivity

Everyone can be more productive throughout the day if they can truly relax during their day. That’s why it is important to have green areas in or around your home or office. Spending time in nature whether it is real or man made will likely help a person get more done during the day.

Simple Installation Process

Putting in live boxwood hedges is a time-consuming and costly process. That’s not the case with synthetic boxwood. To make a faux hedge, just follow these steps:

  1. Measure the amount of space for your project along with the dimensions of your desired hedge. Then contact our team who will help you get the exact number of boxwood panels you will need. You will also have to get enough wire or wood frame to match the dimensions.
  2. Remove the product from the package and connect any separate pieces. Make sure the leaves all face in the same direction.
  3. Cover the frame with the panels. Find out if you need to cut the panels (or add more) to match the size of the frame. Once you are happy with the sizing, use zip ties to bind the panels to the frame, and cut off the ends of the zip ties.

Artificial Indoor Plants Are Ideal for City Offices

Not all offices have enough outdoor space for a green area. That’s why artificial indoor plants can also be useful. Artificial indoor plants are ideal for city offices because they offer the same benefits of outdoor plants. People that work in large cities particularly need the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of their daily tasks. A calming space is hard to find in a big city. Adding artificial indoor plants to office spaces and even rooftops can also give a building much more character and can help keep workers happy on the job.

How Co-working Offices Can Use Fake Plants to Attract Tenants

Surveys show that more and more people are working remotely these days. That’s why co-working offices are becoming more popular. Adding fake plants is a great way to attract tenants to your co-working space. People who consider these spaces often look for unique perks and amenities. A room filled with fake plants may entice them to rent. Remote employees who have the freedom to work from any office they choose will seek out the most relaxing one. If you’re looking for a way to make your co-working office more appealing, using fake plants to decorate it is a smart idea.

How to Find Faux Plants

Are you in the market for faux plants like boxwood hedges or ivy? Then head over to one of Watersavers Turf’s SF Bay Area locations to learn more. Our experts will help you select the right faux plants for your workspace. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to us. We gladly ship our faux plants to any spot in the Continental United States.

Give us a call at 844-974-8873 if you have any questions. We’re also happy to chat with you online. When chatting with us, don’t forget to ask about our free estimates and free turf samples!

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