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SF Bay Area Beer Gardens Showcase Artificial Grass

August 26, 2019

It’s no secret the SF Bay Area boasts a climate that’s ideal for outdoor drinking. That’s why plenty of the area’s breweries and beer gardens are making smart use of artificial grass. Since artificial grass requires no water, it offers guests the chance to lounge among greenery in low light or unusual areas like rooftops. Watersavers Turf is excited to offer this low to no maintenance artificial grass product to business owners and homeowners that want to create their own beer gardens.

The Benefits of Synthetic Turf & Beer

Lost & Found and Arthur Mac’s Tap and Snack in Oakland are just two beer spots that showcase synthetic turf. Lost & Found’s backyard patio features synthetic turf runners to mark out areas for playing cornhole and to add some of nature’s texture and color. Arthur Mac’s uses artificial ivy instead or synthetic turf to transform booths in their outdoor area.

Adding elements from nature into areas like restaurants can attract patrons and induce them to spend more time there. That’s good for business. Studies show that green spaces boost a person’s mood even if the plants are not real. Every business profits from happy customers because they usually bring others back  so they can share their experience.

Affordable Faux Grass

Adding faux grass is also a cost-friendly way to impress guests since it requires very little upkeep. Faux grass is unlike real grass and ivy which require water, fertilizer, pesticides, and mowing or trimming. Most of the time a good brooming or a rinse with water is all that is needed. Thus, faux grass is a smart investment for a beer garden.

Faux grass is also affordable. Just ask one of our experts at any of our seven locations of call us toll-free 1-844-WSI-TURF (974-8873) with questions.

How Bars & Restaurants Use Artificial Plants

Lost & Found and Arthur Mac’s Tap and Snack are just two examples of ways beer halls can use artificial plants. The points below explain how artificial plants can serve many other purposes. Here are some artificial plant ideas if you own a bar with an outdoor space:

Nature Settings Attract Guests

Curb appeal plays a major role in the success of any business. Guests are far more likely to visit a bar if it catches their eye. That’s why bar owners often use synthetic grass in both the front and back areas of their properties. Some have even used it for rooftop bars! Add some faux ivy or boxwood panels for more bright green color and attract even more guests.

Host Summer Events

Some breweries only use their outdoor areas when hosting events during the warmer months of the year. Adding synthetic grass to these areas makes them appeal to more guests looking to enjoy some fun, safe outdoor drinking while socializing with friends.

In the age of social media, guests often share pictures from these events. Those pictures will stand out if they display a vibrant green setting. If someone sees an image of a beautiful outdoor space on their social media feeds that includes fun with family and friends, they may want to check it out.

Transform Indoor Areas

Our artificial plant products aren’t just for outdoor use. Bars can also offer guests the chance to relax in nature by adding them to indoor areas during colder months. This helps bars stand out among their competition when others can’t use their outdoor space.


Bar and brewery owners don’t need to restrict their use of faux plants to just one small section when using them indoors. Why not use it to rebrand? They could give their entire bar a rustic or tropical theme. Our products allow even homeowners to embrace such a new theme. With faux grass on the floor and faux plants on the walls, it’s easy to make guests, family, and friends feel transported.

Where to Find Artificial Turf

The SF Bay Area is home to plenty of fun beer gardens for relaxing summer days. Check out this list to see which ones you might want to visit this season. Also, be sure to stop by one of our seven locations for more info.  We offer a wide range of artificial turf products that are ideal for bars and restaurants.

Our team will be glad to help you find the right artificial turf for your business. If you’re having trouble choosing one, we can provide you with free large 1’ x 1’ artificial turf samples.

No worries if you can’t get to us. We also ship to any spot in the Continental United States.

Feel free to give us a call at 844-974-8873 or, if you’d prefer, visit our website to chat with us online. Be sure to ask about our free estimates and delivery offers!

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