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DIY Project—An Artificial Turf Deck

March 20, 2020

An artificial turf deck could be a great DIY project while you are at home. An artificial turf deck can bring life back to an old deck. Adding an artificial turf deck can also boost your mood and give value to your home. Watersavers Turf can help you with this simple project. Our team is available by phone to answer all your questions for this rewarding artificial turf deck DIY project.

Plastic Grass Brings Life Back to Your Old Deck

Are splinters, pitted wood, and backed out nail heads preventing you from using your deck? Plastic grass can bring life back to your old deck, and help you avoid these issues.

Not only does plastic grass bring life back to your old deck, but it can also bring life back to your entire home. This surface can enhance the looks of other areas as well. Other DIY projects to consider may be installing it on a garden wall or walkway. Even bringing some of nature inside for use on an interior wall can create another happy green space.

When you use it on a deck, you can test out an area without committing to it because plastic grass is heavy enough to lie down flat without permanently attaching it. This means you can temporarily put furniture and potted plants on it while it is lying freely on your deck. Sit back and see how much it improves this space. If you are happy with what you see then give us a call, or find some great DIY artificial turf deck videos online.

Faux Turf Is a Mood Enhancer

Did you know that faux turf is a mood enhancer? Just spending time in nature whether it is looking at a real or faux surroundings can bring thoughts of calm. Creating a green space on your deck gives you and your family another place to enjoy time together.

Set a few potted plants and a mini fountain on it, and you have created a great place for meditation and even yoga. Add some lawn padding under your faux turf to make it super comfy for everyone even your pets!

By resurfacing your deck with faux turf, you’ve just made a beautiful place to unwind. No more worrying about having to redo your deck while you are sitting there trying to relax. Having less worries in of itself is a great mood enhancer. So, in a sense, faux turf is a mood enhancer.

Fake Grass Can Improve Your Home’s Value

Adding fake grass to your deck not only adds a subtle pop to the beauty of your home, but fake grass can also improve your home’s value. Nice visual details around your home help increase appraisal values. Thus increasing your property value.

Although adding fake grass to your deck alone may not do it, switching your natural lawn to fake grass, or even creating a backyard mini-golf course with faux grass putting greens will certainly help.

With that said, there’s a good chance that fake grass can improve your home’s value if you have potential buyers who love the outdoors. They just might give you a higher offer when they notice your unique faux grass deck.

How to Find Artificial Grass—Watersavers Turf Can Help

Are you looking for a truly rewarding DIY project? If so, Watersavers Turf the leading SF Bay Area’s artificial grass distributor can help. Watersavers Turf has 7 SF Bay Area locations with many styles of artificial grass to choose from.

Not sure what style is right for your DIY project? No worries! We offer free large 1’ x 1’ samples. We can send you some even if you are not in our local area. We ship our samples and other products to any place in the continental USA.

Our Watersavers Turf’s team would love to help you create some more calm in your life. You can reach them toll-free at 844-974-8873, or you can chat online. Please ask us about our free estimates when you are speaking with us.

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