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Artificial Pet Turf Makes Pets & Their Owners Happier

April 30, 2019

Many pet owners know our little buddies often love playing in the backyard. That’s why switching to artificial pet turf is a smart option. You can replace your entire lawn with artificial pet turf, or set aside an area for a furry friend to play in. Our team at Watersavers Turf will help you get started by supplying the ideal artificial pet turf for your needs.

5 Reasons You & Your Pet Will Love Our Artificial Turf for Pets

Why make the switch to artificial turf for pets? What benefits does artificial turf for pets offer? More importantly, why is artificial turf for pets a better option than live grass?

There are many answers to those questions. The following are just a few reasons synthetic grass is best if your pet loves to play in the yard.


Fake grass is much safer than live grass. Rocks, thorns, insects, and other hazards can’t hide in it. It doesn’t contain allergens. It also drains water quickly. Thus, your pet can play in it after rainfall without slipping.


Your pet may love playing outside. However, if they get messy while doing so, odds are good they won’t like being cleaned afterward.

(You also won’t like the mess they track into the house.)

That’s not an issue with fake grass. It doesn’t get sloppy in the rain, keeping your pet clean during playtime.


Pet owners often can’t let large dogs play in the yard because of the damage they may cause. You want your pet to get exercise, but you don’t want them tearing up the lawn.

This is another reason to use a synthetic surface. It’s much more durable than grass, staying in great shape no matter how big your dog is. You’ll never have to cancel playtime again when you make the switch.


The experience your pet has in the yard can change depending on how much upkeep you’ve performed. If you fall behind on mowing the lawn, finding the ball or stick during fetch may be a lot harder.

Luckily, you don’t need to mow synthetic grass. You also don’t need to water it. It simply offers you and your pet the same experience every single time they go out to play.

Added Fun

Not having to maintain your lawn gives you the freedom to install extra features a pet will love. Maybe you’re thinking about adding a pet obstacle course for a dog that likes to stay active. With live grass, that may not be practical. With fake grass, it’s a breeze.

Adding an Artificial Turf Dog Run

Again, you may not want to replace your entire lawn. Install an artificial turf dog run if this is the case. An artificial turf dog run ensures both you and your buddy are happy with the backyard. You get to keep your grass surface, while your dog gets a fun spot to play in.

Towns building dog parks should also consider artificial turf dog runs. Their low upkeep needs help towns to save money.

Potty Grass Solves Major Problems

Potty grass is another faux turf product ideal for dog owners. With potty grass, you can give your dog an indoor spot to go to the bathroom when you’re not home. Using potty grass to train your dog will also help them feel more comfortable going to the bathroom on your synthetic lawn.

Still, you might have some concerns about switching to a faux grass yard or dog run. Won’t it smell if your dog uses it as a bathroom?

Nope! This isn’t a concern thanks to ZeoFill. This organic infill erases odors from your lawn. While you may need to clean the turf from time to time, you won’t need to put up with unwanted smells. We offer a pet odor eliminator as well to keep your lawn truly fresh.

Remember, you also don’t need to worry about your dog digging up your lawn with this surface option. Fake turf fibers are very durable.

The surface, in general, is also very safe. All our products are non-toxic, causing no harm to animals, children, or anyone else.

Finding Pet Grass

Ready to make the switch to pet grass? Start by heading to one of Watersavers Turf’s SF Bay Area locations. One of our experts will help you sort through your pet grass options. We also gladly provide free large 1’ x 1’ pet grass samples. We’ll even ship to any spot in the Continental United States if you’re not from our area.

Call us at 844-974-8873 for more info. You can also chat with us online if you prefer. Be sure to ask about our free estimates and delivery offers!

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