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Artificial Turf Backing Design

June 9, 2017

When you think of lawn or a sports field, you probably think of grass blades. The color blend and the shape of the grass are what you notice with the naked eye. In truth, though, the soil and roots play just as big a role. Grass can’t thrive without what’s beneath it. It’s the same with artificial turf. The surface level is made to look like real grass, of course, but those visible fibers are just the start of artificial turf design.

In fact, cutting-edge science is behind the design of the artificial turf backing. The top layer provides the distinct look and feel. What’s below the surface is key to making sure it is safe and stable. Both parts are needed for the product to work as it should. That’s why, as the SF Bay Area’s artificial grass experts, Watersavers Turf makes sure we offer turf products with the right backing in place.

How Synthetic Turf Backing Works

Synthetic turf has multi-layered backing. This is one of the reasons the surface layer is so easy to maintain. A grass field tends to become messy after rain. A synthetic turf field, on the other hands, stays in good shape. That’s because a good backing design has ample weep holes. These holes allow for fast and full drainage after rain or cleaning. The backing also includes a fabric mesh used to secure the fiber tufts. There is also a layer of adhesive backing, which is coated with urethane or latex. This makes the synthetic turf stable. When all of these factors are combined, it makes for a product you can rely on.

The Recipe for Faux Grass

Faux grass has long been useful because it happens to mimic the look of healthy plant life very well. Its green color is a perfect match for a thriving lawn. That said, color isn’t the only way to which it matches the look of live grass. The texture of the blades also adds to the effect. Making the effect work requires a precise approach.

The tufts of blades themselves can be a blend of nylon, polyethylene, and related materials. These blades are shaped and painted to reduce glare. This allows them to offer a color that looks real. The backing then holds the blades in place for a uniform surface. The density of the blades also called the “face weight” is determined by the total weight of the fibers and yarns tufted into the backing mesh. The higher the face weight, the lusher and fuller the blades will be.

Different types of backing are more durable than others. The type of faux grass you choose will often be based on how strong you need it to be.  Sports turf is reinforced for the heaviest wear. Unlike other options, it needs to stand up to impact and traffic. The flame resistant backing is key to its safety. The strong backing is often made from polyurethane and/or polypropylene. This is perfect for sports. On the other hand, if you are just putting in a lounge area in your yard, you won’t need the kind of backing that can stand up to intense gameplay.

Fake Turf Safety Steps

There are two measurements used to assess the fire safety of fake grass. One is the flash point. This is the heat at which it will ignite. The other is the fire point. This temperature is higher. It tells the heat at which the fiber would need to stay at to continue to burn once ignited. The flash point for polyethylene yarn is above 500 degrees -Fahrenheit. That high-temperature rating is why the fire hazard of fake turf has been rated as minimal by the San Francisco Parks and Recreation department.

These days, there are no reasons to worry about the safety of fake grass. In fact, because it offers padding and stays in good shape no matter the weather, it’s even safer than real grass.

On top of that, we at Watersavers Turf only carry the safest products. Stop by one of our SF Bay Area locations to get your hands on free 1’ X 1’ samples. You can also give us a call at 844-974-8873 to get more info about what we have to offer. If you’d like a better idea of what it would cost you to install fake turf on your property, we also offer free estimates. We don’t just make sure our customers stay safe—we also make sure they stay satisfied!

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