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Benefits of Artificial Turf at Outdoor Festivals

May 18, 2018

Artificial turf benefits for homeowners are easy to name. Less upkeep. Lower water bills. A perfectly gorgeous lawn all year ‘round. That said, artificial turf benefits aren’t limited to improving home yards. Artificial turf’s benefits are on full display at many types of places and events. Outdoor festivals, for instance, are much easier to enjoy when the lawn surface is clean and safe. That’s why our team at Watersavers Turf is happy to help those who organize these events make the switch.

Why Outdoor Event Turf is Ideal

There are plenty of reasons a grass lawn may not be ideal for an outdoor concert or festival. Rain can make it too sloppy. The rocky soil beneath the grass isn’t fun to sit on. Plus, it costs a lot to maintain and repair it. That’s why fake event turf is the better option. Event turf simply offers benefits that grass can’t. It’s also more likely to impress guests.

Key reasons to install event turf at outdoor festivals include:

Comfort & Safety

Fake grass drains water more quickly than live grass. It also stays flat and even more easily. This boosts the comfort of any guests who may want to sit on the lawn during the event. It also increases their safety. When the surface is dry and flat, guests are less likely to slip and fall.

Easy Cleaning

It’s no secret that people who attend these events can cause a lot of damage. Foot traffic alone puts major wear and tear on the grass. On top of that, many guests leave behind debris that isn’t always easy to spot.

With fake grass, that’s not an issue. It’s designed to stand up to high foot traffic. The event organizers will save a lot of money when they don’t need to repair the lawn after the event is over. On top of that, artificial grass is very easy to clean. The uniform blade height also makes it easier to spot debris.

Good Looks

Every aspect of a guest’s experience should make the right impression at this kind of event. This is even more true in the age of social media. You want to know the event space will look clean and comfortable when guests post photos on Facebook or Instagram.

That’s not something you need to worry about with fake turf. It always looks bright and vibrant in person and in pics. You could even brand the event by choosing turf in a color other than green!

Less Upkeep

It can take a lot of time (and money) to prepare a lawn for an outdoor event. Live grass needs constant upkeep if it’s going to look its best.

That’s not the case with fake turf. You never need to mow or water it. This helps reduce costs in a big way.

Why Event Spaces Make the Switch to Synthetic Grass

When the first Rock and Rio USA was in the planning phases, the organizers chose synthetic grass for the surface. Synthetic grass has been used as a lawn surface at Napa Valley’s BottleRock festival. At Cincinnati’s Riverbend Music Center, the owners made the switch to synthetic grass when wet and muddy grass made it hard to offer quality lawn seating.

These major venues all made the switch for the reasons listed above. That said, outdoor concert spaces aren’t the only spots where this type of lawn is ideal. It’s also useful at:

Outdoor Fairs

Keeping a fairground in good shape before, during, and after a large event is a major chore. Planners can focus more on hosting a fun event if they don’t have to spend as much time and money on upkeep.

Shopping Districts

Some cities install artificial grass over sections of road in their retail districts during major shopping seasons. This makes the area more likely to draw in guests. It also offers them a safe, comfortable space in which to walk.


Towns that host carnivals and similar events during the summer need to know the property the event will take place at is safe and clean. That’s why choosing fake turf for the surface is a smart idea.

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