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Artificial Turf Boosts Curb Appeal for Real Estate Value

October 24, 2016

A recent study showed that the best time to list a home for sale is in May. If you are thinking about selling your home and want to get some good profit for it, why not get a head start and improve it now? When doing so, try not to focus too much on the inside of the house. Homeowners assume that’s what matters most. While it is important, so is curb appeal.

Without curb appeal, which includes a nice green lawn, people might simply pass by your house. The problem is, keeping a lawn green can take a lot of work. Poor weather can also harm it. All of this will have an unwanted effect on how a house looks to potential buyers. Artificial turf, on the other hand, will always look the way you want it to. It will save the time and money involved in creating a well-groomed yard. In fact, artificial turf might just be a major selling point.

Plenty of people buying their first home are concerned about handling new lawn care tasks. By selling a home with an artificial turf lawn, you can explain to buyers how it will save them time on upkeep and even money on their water bills. If you’re interested in making the switch, San Francisco Bay Area synthetic grass distributors, Watersavers Turf, can help you.

How Synthetic Turf Improves a Lawn

Although plenty of features go into making your house look good from a street view, the lawn plays a big role. You might have pretty flowers hanging from your patio, a fresh paint job, and a brand-new roof to go along with it. That doesn’t matter as much as some think. People will still notice if your lawn isn’t well-groomed. Between mowing and watering, it can be tough to keep a lawn looking as it should. This is even truer during a drought. Synthetic turf offers an easy fix for that problem. It doesn’t need to be watered to look its best. It also doesn’t need to be mowed.

It’s not easy to know how a real grass lawn will look without a lot of landscaping work. However, you can rely on synthetic turf to always look beautiful with virtually no care. When you plan how you want your lawn to appear, it will always look that way. As such, when it comes to boosting the look and value of your home, synthetic turf is very helpful.

Faux Grass Meets Landscaping Needs

Curb appeal should start with the lawn if you have one, and the plants or bushes near the front of your home. Remove all old, dead shrubs near the walkway and add new plants and flowers with mulch to freshen up the look. Replace old grass with faux grass. Not only will this improve the look of the yard, but it is also a draw for buyers. After buying a new home, many don’t have the budget for landscaping. Installing faux grass will save them money. 

Today’s faux grass is becoming a real option for those who are looking for great curb appeal. This is in part because maintaining a fake lawn is cost effective. “Interest [has] grown double over last year,” says Shaun Hunt, who works in the industry. “Our spring was insane… Nobody wants to put real grass in because they can’t water it.”

Another great benefit of using fake lawn is that it repels harmful insects such as the chafer beetle. These pests and others like it have been known to ruin lawns. For those with pets, there are natural infills that kill the smell of urine and absorbs moisture. Raccoons and crows won’t come into a yard where there is fake grass, as their food source is now gone. Another reason to install faux grass is that there will be fewer mosquitoes in your yard which can transmit disease. Because fake grass drains well, water will not pool and become a stagnant breeding ground.

Fake grass has been installed in small to large properties. For those who enjoy playing sports, a putting green or a bocce court can be added to the backyard. Even if you’re not interested in those types of activities, many homeowners are adding outdoor lounge areas these days. A faux lawn makes it easy to design a space where you can relax with family and friends.

Turf experts, Watersavers Turf, offer a line of faux grass products that is perfect for improving the curb appeal of any home. Feel free to give us a call at 844-974-8873 for a free estimate, or visit one of our nearby SF Bay Area locations.

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