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Tips for Puppy Training on Dog Potty Grass and how Tinkle Turf for Dogs Helps Young Pups Stay Calm

It’s exciting bringing home a puppy, and dog potty grass from Watersavers Turf can help make your new friend a happy part of the household. Just think of all the fun you’ll have with Fido as you teach new tricks, take your four-legged pal for walks, and master potty training! Yes, even potty training can be fun for you and your pet if you do it the right way from the start. Do you know how our pet turf can help? Whether you’re teaching Rover to do the business outside, or you’re working with an indoor potty turf for dogs so emergencies won’t make a mess, our product can be a great start to a happy and healthy piddle place for pets.

Why Indoor Potty Turf for Dogs is Smart for the Youngest Pups

In a perfect world, your dog could take himself for a walk, or trot out into the yard whenever nature calls. Of course, many folks live in apartments without an outdoor area, or in places where an open doggy door can be a security problem. Young dogs have less ability to control their bladders than older canines, so it’s smart to set up an indoor area where your puppy can find relief. While you’re at work or doing errands, a young dog can’t always wait. The good news is that a pup can learn to go in a specific piddle place for pets, so you don’t come home to a mess all over.

How Tinkle Turf Helps Dogs Stay Calm and Clear during Training

To prevent a puppy from being confused and getting into trouble, you need to help them understand where they are allowed to go. The easiest way to do this is to designate a potty area that looks, feels, and smells different to your dog than the rest of the house does. A synthetic tinkle turf installation will be distinct enough from the rest of your home floor that a puppy will recognize the surface and can learn that it is okay to go there instead of on your favorite rug. Using faux lawn helps with the transition to outdoor training, too, if you want Fido to use tinkle turf outside in a corner of your yard, that’s set aside for doggy business. Consistency is important for happy puppy training. Teaching your dog that plastic grass is a safe place to go helps your dog feel calm about potty rules because the boundaries and expectations are clear. Remember, puppies love to please you. All you have to do is make sure they understand how!

Where to set up Your Piddle Place for Pets

Placement is an important decision. It is important that once you choose an indoor bathroom spot, you don’t move it around. Puppies thrive on consistent rules, and change makes them anxious. Don’t let a puppy choose his or her own business spot; you might not agree with where your dog wants to go. Even if you and your pup would see eye to eye on a good location, you still need to designate the area yourself, so that your puppy knows who’s the boss. For cleanup, it is best to put your potty turf for dogs over a surface that can be easily mopped, such as linoleum or tile. If that’s not possible, use a remnant of linoleum or put a plastic tarp under the potty area as extra floor protection for messy moments. Another great system is to use a litter box lined with fake grass, so the litter under the grass can absorb puddles. The kitchen is a popular place to have a puppy pad, but it’s also where food is prepared and eaten, which doesn’t sit well with all pet owners. The bedroom is sometimes used, but odors can have an impact there. Laundry rooms and bathrooms are locations with less impact on household life, so if you have one of those options, it’s probably your best pick. A guest bath that is rarely used is ideal because it’s out of the way where your dog can’t be distracted by too much other traffic or activity.

Setting up a Potty Grass System for Minimal Cleanup

One of the easiest ways to train a puppy is to confine them to an area where they can be left alone. Give them a closed “pet zone” that has their food dish, water, bed, toys, and their synthetic turf potty pad. As your pup gets used to using the pad, gradually increase the area where they’re allowed to roam. Eventually, your dog can have the run of the house with no accidents because they’ve learned to return to their “home base” of the faux grass for bathroom business. Wherever you place your indoor pet zone, an artificial turf lined litter box is one of the smartest bathroom systems you can pick. Pet experts like to use synthetic potty grass for doggy training because artificial turf maintenance is so easy. You just rinse it, and it’s ready to go as a clean surface for your dog and no odor residue while the litter underneath absorbs any extra wetness and controls waste smells. That’s simpler than dealing with soggy newspaper or wet training pads.

Making potty training fun will produce great results! Put the time and effort into training your puppy so that they can be on their best behavior for as a part of your family.  Contact Watersavers Turf to get a pet grass that drains fast and fully, so you have the material you need to help train your puppy. Our Pet Turf 50 is a perfect pet grass for your pup!