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Synthetic Bocce Ball CourtsMore than a Backyard Sport

Bocce is a fun game for players of all ages. That said, fans of this sport need a tough, long-lasting surface to play it on. Synthetic grass does just the trick. During a game, faux grass keeps bumpy ground and mud from getting in the way of playing. A synthetic bocce ball court allows balls to roll smoothly, for a perfect game each time. An artificial turf bocce court will never get too dry, and it doesn’t need constant landscape care. It’s always green, healthy, and ready to go. This sport is getting so popular that cities across the country are putting artificial turf bocce courts in public spaces. Now fans can start a game any time they wish. Watersavers Turf offers high-grade artificial bocce turf that is both non-toxic and lead-free, making faux grass a perfect choice for parks and fun.

Synthetic Bocce Ball Courts

How can we be so sure that synthetic bocce ball courts are the right surface for this sport? All we have to do is ask the athletes themselves. Players looking for the best playing surface almost always choose synthetic bocce ball courts. Just as the old world played on real grass, today’s athletes depend on the strength of this plastic grass. With no need for constant upkeep or water usage, it’s the best choice. On pro playing fields, real grass has simply become a thing of the past. Synthetic bocce ball courts, on the other hand, are quickly turning into the new normal.

History of Bocce

People have been throwing balls at targets for thousands of years. As far back as 5200 B.C., the ancient Egyptians played a game much like bocce. Instead of a ball, they played with polished stones. Around the same time, some experts think the Greeks had their own early version of the sport. Most people, though, say that it probably started with the Romans. During the Punic Wars, soldiers had a game that they liked to play in between battles. They called the game “Bottia,” which means “ball” in Latin. This word is the root of the Italian word “Bocce,” which is plural for “bowls.” Back then, people would make balls from whatever was easy to find: coconuts, carved wood, clay, and even metal. Over the years, the game became very big in Renaissance Europe. Royals, nobles, and peasants alike all enjoyed playing it. In fact, the sport became so popular and distracting from work that Roman rulers outlawed it.

Thanks to synthetic grass, this ancient sport is now popular all across the United States. People play it in parks, restaurants, and even on rooftops. Our plastic lawn is the perfect product to take the game into the modern age. Bocce has come a long way since the Romans first played it. Now, more than ever, it can thrive for years to come.

Fun Facts: Did You Know…

  • The ball used in bocce is called the “pallino”
  • A shorter-range game called “Boccia,” played with leather balls, was created for the disabled
  • In 1576, the sport was outlawed in the Republic of Venice, Italy as a form of gambling
  • Martinez, California has the largest bocce league in the USA

Build Your Synthetic Bocce Ball Courts Today

Building your own bocce court with Watersavers Turf has never been easier or more affordable. Choosing the perfect turf product for your project doesn’t have to be stressful. Our expert team will work with you to pick out the best grass for your needs. We also have a dedicated field manager on hand to answer any technical questions you might have. On top of that, we offer free one square foot bocce grass samples at all of our seven locations. To get started, contact us today at (844) 974-8873, or visit one of our locations.