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Artificial Turf Helps Golf Course Drought Closures

May 12, 2016

On average, an 18-hole golf course in California is 100 to 115 acres and uses at least 90 million gallons of water per year. Mike Huck, statewide golf course water management consultant, states that this is equal to the amount of water it takes to fill 136 Olympic pools. It costs around $500,000 a year to keep the courses in good shape. The public isn’t too pleased to hear about this when they have to take shorter showers, and let their lawns die due to the ongoing drought in California.

The El Niguel Country Club will save about 12 million gallons of water per year after taking out almost 22 acres of real grass and applying for a rebate, said golf supervisor Brian Archbold. Their project was done just in time for water cuts that begin in June. After four years of drought and water cutbacks by the state, some of the best courses are coming up with ways to take out grass in areas where it won’t affect the game. For areas where artificial grass is a needed, turf experts, Watersavers Turf, offer water-wise options.

Some of our golf turf options are:

WST46 – BiColor Putt, which has a 46-ounce face weight, with a 1/2″ blade height. Its shorter pile height allows the ball to roll better across its surface, and it comes in bi-color green.

WST44 – ProPutt offers a 44-ounce face weight and a 5/8″ blade height. Its taller pile height makes it easier to add sand during the synthetic turf installation. It is great for putting and available in bi-color green.

Many Golf Courses Realize Artificial Turf Is a Better Choice

More than 860 golf courses in the state have signed up for turf rebate programs offered by local water districts. For every square foot of grass that is removed, some will get a two to three dollar rebate. Tearing out 25 acres of grass is easy for golf club. They can take out grass around the clubhouse and fairways with no change to the course, according to David Fleming, a golf course architect.

In other parts of the state, courses are closing. The Diablo Grande Golf & Country Club course designed by Gene Sarazen and Jack Nicklaus in 1988 will be closing, the Modesto Bee reported. Mike Dunlop, PGA, Diablo Grande’s General Manager/Director of Golf, stated that the Department of Water Resources gave them a zero allocation of water. “We’re just hoping we get rain, and that we can keep things going for as long as we can,” Dunlop said.

People Choose Other Ways of Getting in a Game of Golf—Installing Their Own Putting Course

It has become all too clear that people need to rethink where the CA water supply will best be used. Instead of wasting all that water on resort golf courses, and the money it costs to maintain them, contact Watersavers Turf at 844-974-8873 to find out about a synthetic turf that is designed for golf and other sports. For those who want to own a putting green and are tired of taking care of a lawn, artificial turf care is as simple as it gets! Just think of the greens fees you’ll save by having your very own synthetic turf putting green in your yard.

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