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Artificial Turf—Water Savings for the Future of California

April 12, 2016

It was a fairly wet winter. Our once-barren reservoirs are filling up, and we’re even exceeding annual water levels in certain parts of California. But is this enough, or will the state face more years of drought when the winter is over? After a few years of severe water shortage, local farmers are suffering. California farmers have tried to adapt by shifting to crops that generate higher returns on the water needed to grow them. Groundwater basins are also in use in some areas, like Kern Country. Certainly, behaviors need to change about how we use our precious resource across the state, especially about how to conserve what we already have. Watersavers Turf offers artificial turf for water-conscious folks who are replacing their live lawns this season.

Some Easy and Creative Ways to Save on Water Usage:

  • Consider capturing water that you use in the house for tasks like washing clothes and dishes. You can give that it a second life. Called “gray” water, it’s perfect for indoor plants and the garden.
  • When taking a shower, put a couple of buckets in with you to collect water that you can use outdoors.
  • When washing the car, park it on the lawn so the runoff will soak into the grass.
  • Turn down the time scheduled on your irrigation system. Skip days to conserve water. Give plants a good soaking, but spread out the frequency. This limits evaporation.
  • If you’re watering by hand, reduce the amount of time spent watering the lawn and your plants. Break it down into 15-minute intervals, and use less that you normally would.
  • Adjust sprinklers to that they water only your flowers and grass, not the sidewalk or your neighbor’s yard.
  • Use timing systems on your irrigation system that automatically shut off after a set amount of time or a certain amount of water is used. Add a rain sensor to your system to shut if off when it rains.
  • Adjust your mower blades to a three-inch height so that the lawn isn’t too short. The shade tall grass casts will keep the soil at a lower temperature, so water lingers longer.
  • Plant native plants, shrubs, and trees that can withstand the climate that you live in. In California, many varieties of pine and oak trees will thrive.
  • Mulch all planting beds to hold moisture and protect soil from getting too hot. It also dresses the garden and smells great. A good amount of mulch to use is a 1” to 3” inch layer on each bed.
  • To save time, money, and water, you should consider installing synthetic. Today’s artificial grass products look realistic, are lead-free, and are non-toxic. They offer heat reduction and great drainage properties.

Since there’s no need to mow, taking care of artificial turf reduces the amount of fossil fuel and water your household uses. Plus, just think of how quiet it could be without the noise of a mower on a Saturday morning. We offer an array of products to help any homeowner or business make the switch to a water-wise landscape. Contact us today for some free samples 844-974-8873 or visit us online for a free quote.

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