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What’s the Best Grass For Dogs?

May 7, 2021

Sick of seeing dirty paw prints all over the house? Us too! Muddy floors are the worst. So, use artificial turf – it’s the best grass for dogs. Artificial pet grass is great for your furry friends. Unlike high-maintenance lawns, artificial turf requires little care, is easy to install, and your dog will love it and won’t get dirty. Also, it looks great in your backyard, is a multi-use surface, and works as the best grass for dogs. You can install it in a dog run, too, and kids can play on the artificial pet grass all day. Additionally, Watersavers Turf carries specific artificial pet grass products

Awesome Durability and Long-Lasting Artificial Pet Grass

Dogs love to run around – chasing sticks, balls, or even their own tale. Having a backyard where they can do this is great, and makes life that much more convenient. Therefore, invest in appropriate outdoor grass. Artificial turf is the best grass for dogs because it holds up under heavy traffic and is very durable. Unfortunately, it’s tough to say the same for real grass. So, opt for long-lasting synthetic pet grass. Also, check out our turf warranty! One of the best in the Bay Area. 

Artificial Turf Means Your Home and Property Stay Clean

We have all had to clean up after our dog. We love our pets, but after playing in real grass they can track dirt and grass into our homes, cars, and onto our patios. With artificial pet grass, your dog can play as much as it wants in any weather at any time. They won’t bring the outdoors inside. Also, there’s no need to mow, weed, or water synthetic pet grass. This means more time relaxing with an iced tea and a book. After installing artificial turf, you can kick back and not worry about your dog getting dirty or tending to your real grass. 

Most Importantly, Artificial Pet Grass Is Safe For Your Dog and Your Family

Artificial turf is the best grass for dogs because it is 100% non-toxic, lead-free, and eco-friendly. Also, all of Watersavers turf products are verified by an independent third party to be safe for pet and human use. Furthermore, see all of those fertilizers and pesticides on display at the store? Artificial pet grass requires no chemical treatment, making it very safe for dogs, kids, and anyone using the outdoor space. Additionally, for the health of your dog, synthetic pet grass eliminates parasites that may grow in real grass. As a result, pets will stay bright and happy and be more comfortable. 

Questions On The Best Grass For Your Dog?

Watersavers has many Bay Area locations to help you get the best grass for your dog. We offer complimentary 1’ x 1’ turf samples and free project estimates for all customers. Also, we provide same-day will call and free next-day delivery for contractors.

Check out our gallery for ideas or visit our resources page for more info. 

Any questions on artificial pet grass? Call us toll-free! Reach us at 844-974-8873.

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