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Yard Pests and Artificial Turf

July 4, 2016

The American dream usually includes a lush green lawn along with a white picket fence.  But what lengths does a person have to go to in order to achieve that? It’s all good until it isn’t, sometimes you have to deal with lawn disease and insects, and that means chemicals. Then there are types of grasses that are disease prone and insects that want to eat your garden.  This can all be eliminated when you install artificial turf. Watersavers Turf can assist with a free estimate to help you make the switch.

Let’s take a look at some of the symptoms to look out for with lawn pests. Most pests do their damage under the cover of night. Eventually, you will see brown spots, differences in color and an unhealthy appearance in your lawn. Grubs and pill bugs are usually to blame. Sometimes, you will be able to see the culprits hiding. A trusty way to get them to come out of hiding is to flood the area with soapy water for several minutes.

Other creatures such as gophers and moles are can be even more damaging to real grass. We offer gopher wire to keep these varmints at bay. It is highly recommended to use it as a layer of your lawn before turf installation. Use of this product will eliminate those mounds of dirt you find on your grass when these creatures dig through to the surface. Gophers don’t dig through the artificial turf, but they can dig tunnels below the synthetic turf, which could make the surface uneven. For that reason, even under synthetic grass, installing gopher wire is recommended.

One of the smaller, but very problematic creatures in a garden are ants. They like to live in grass and will build anthills that can be very unsightly. Sometimes, they will travel from the grass into the house. Some of the ways people get rid of anthills are by leveling them with a rake or filling them with water. This disturbs their nests causing them to look for new homes. Non-toxic methods include pouring boiling water into the anthill, but unless the queen is eliminated, it will not work. There are also bait stations that can be placed around the yard, but with pets or children, this is not a good idea.

All of this can be avoided when you install synthetic grass.  There would be no need to spend time fighting with insects and creatures that can ruin your beautiful lawn. Artificial turf care takes no time at all, and allows you to relax and enjoy the benefits with your family, friends, and pets. Watersavers Turf would be happy to consult about your new landscaping project. You can chat with us online 24/7, or you can call us at 844-974-8873. We offer free quotes and free samples. Visit one of our 7 locations today!


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