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Indoor Gyms Benefit from Artificial Turf

May 30, 2016

Something new is happening in workout rooms all across America, and it is artificial turf; it’s not just for lawns anymore. This attractive and versatile material provides just the right mix of traction and cushion. It offers a durable surface that is hard to beat. Players stay cooler while working up a sweat, by at least 17.5 degrees. Watersavers Turf carries faux grass that is perfect for this application.

Faux grass is being used in workout rooms and for weight training. Because it offers sound absorption, handles a lot of wear and tear, and makes an edgy design statement, it has become very popular for many workout facilities. Another attractive trait is that artificial turf maintenance takes so little effort to keep up. It’s easy to clean and stays looking like new no matter how hard you play. Local business, Watersavers Turf, can tell you all about it and provide samples.

Gyms and Health Clubs Are Using Artificial Turf

Artificial turf flooring is great for strength training, specialty sports, and CrossFit. It is used in weight rooms because it wears well and has a great look. Turf gives the gym a stylish modern design that beats out the competition. It’s ideal for indoor or outdoor sports.

Some pro athletes are saying great things about it. “It allows athletes to do every movement, drill or exercise at their highest level,” says Chauncey Billups, Detroit Pistons NBA Player.

Some of the Reasons Why People Are Choosing Synthetic Turf for Their Fitness Centers

It’s non-abrasive, soft to the touch, safe to exercise on, and it’s easy to maintain. CrossFit is a popular exercise that requires intense workouts, and the plastic grass surface has been proven to be easier on the joints. It drains well so there are no worries about cleaning up spills that may occur. It also absorbs moisture and keeps the surface dry for safety. Turf is safe because it’s chemical free. Another bonus is that it gives clubs a unique look.

Our own Oakland Raider, Jared Veldheer, opened PowerStrength Training Systems in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2013. He and his coach, Mark Ehnis, found that synthetic turf would work best for their facility.

Local High-Tech Companies Are Getting on Board with This New Idea for Indoor Flooring.

Google in San Jose, CA installed it in their wellness center for employees to enjoy. And it’s perfect for people who are in physical therapy or the elderly so they won’t slip. Places such as Scripps Hospital in San Diego and Heritage Point Senior Living in Walnut Creek all opted for it for their residents and patients. Artificial grass gives them an all-weather, low-care outlet for therapy and play.

People are finding many creative uses for synthetic turf installations in their work and play areas. We offer a line of products designed specifically for sports. Give us call for a free estimate and some free samples 844-974-8873.

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