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Grand Prix Racing and Artificial Turf

September 5, 2016

There is nothing more exciting in the world of sports than Formula 1 racing. The cars, the crowds, the roar of the engines, and the handsome race car drivers all add to the excitement. So how does artificial turf play a part in Grand Prix racing? Some of the most ­famous Formula 1 racetracks have installed artificial turf. For example, artificial turf is used around the border of the track in Qatar to keep the desert sands from blowing­ over it. Landscape care in the desert, around racetracks, has been made simple. Safety has been improved. Local experts at WatersaversTurf know all about which product would work best for any site you need help with – from a racetrack in the desert to a putting green in your backyard.

Synthetic Turf at Other Racetracks 

This year Qatar hosted the 2016 Grand Prix at the Losail International Circuit racetrack near the capital city of Doha. The track was built for its first race, the 2004 Marlboro Grand Prix, at a cost of $58 million USD. It took nearly 1,000 workers, working around the clock, to get the track ready for its first race. Besides synthetic turf, Losail introduced Grand Prix night racing in 2008. Almost 4,000 bulbs light the track. It was a great success. It is now the tradition for the Qatar track to run the Grand Prix at night. This makes for an exciting event. In 2009 a racetrack in Abu Dhabi added synthetic turf around their track. It is a safer material than gravel or sand for the drivers. In the desert, drifting sand is a problem. Not only for the track but for the costly race cars that compete. ­ Synthetic turf now replaces areas of concern. Some of it is dyed to match the color of the sand in Bahrain. It is done so well, that one can barely see it.

Michelin Rider Randy Mamola and Losail

Randy Mamola had the chance to “test drive” Losail before the first race in 2004. He discussed the problem of sand on the track and how artificial grass solved the problem. “People are talking about sand getting onto the track, but the surrounding desert is more rock than sand, and they’re making double sure they won’t have problems by adding 10-foot wide strips of artificial grass to the inside and outside of the track. The ‘grass’ doesn’t tear up either­; they­’ve slid a rally car onto it with no worries,” said Mamola.

This shows one of the many benefits of artificial grass. Landscape care is a breeze. The cost to replace torn up grass at racetracks has ended. Safety for both racers and their cars has improved.

Silverstone Formula One British Grand Prix

In the “Pit and Paddock area” of the Silverstone British Grand Prix racetrack, synthetic grass is the ground cover of choice. They used 450 square meters of synthetic grass to improve the grounds. The sparkling green color also adds a nice bright touch to an otherwise boring racetrack area. Along with the safety features, the beautiful green color provides drivers with a great setting to take photos. Landscape maintenance is simple as well. Synthetic grass not only looks good, but it allows the cars to slow down as they enter the pit area. The grass helps the drivers to safely pull into position for a quick tire change. Silverstone recently installed synthetic grass on three inside turns. It serves as a warning strip for drivers to remain on the track (although many seem to ignore it so far.)

Make the Switch to Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has been used for gardens and playing fields for many years. ­ For areas with heavy traffic, or where grass just won’t grow, artificial turf is a great option. In 2012, more than 10 million square feet of synthetic grass was installed for play areas and landscaping. We can advise you on synthetic turf installation for any area you want to improve or fix. Give us a call at (844) 974-8873, for free samples. You can also get a free quote by visiting us online. We would also be happy to suggest an installer in your area.

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