• Installing artificial grass can help stop the spread of dog germs.
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How Artificial Grass Helps Stop the Spread of Dog Germs

January 31, 2019

Dogs bring constant joy to pet owners’ lives. Dog germs, not so much. Studies show that homes with dogs contain a lot more microbes than homes without. Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent dog germs from spreading throughout your home. Grooming your dog will keep them from shedding too much germ-filled fur. Using disinfecting wipes specifically made for pet owners helps kill bacteria. On top of that, switching to an artificial grass lawn reduces dog germs by reducing the number of microbes your dog picks up out in the yard. At Watersavers Turf, we’ll be happy to explain how you can use our products to create a healthy living environment for every member of the family. That includes the four-legged kind.

Reduce Germs with Artificial Turf Tips

Synthetic lawns are ideal for dog owners. Unlike live grass, they’re not easy for dogs to tear up. They’re also much less likely to contain large amounts of microbes. That means dogs will track in fewer germs after playing in the yard. You can boost these effects by keeping certain artificial turf tips in mind. These artificial turf tips will help you keep your lawn clean, even if your dog treats it like a private playground.

Key artificial turf tips to remember:

Clean Your Turf

Artificial grass requires very little upkeep. That’s one reason so many people make the switch. You save a lot of money when you never have to water or mow your lawn.

That said, you should keep it clean. Spraying the lawn with a hose is usually all you need to do to remove debris and bacteria. You should definitely hose it down right after your dog goes to the bathroom on it. You might also want to thoroughly clean it at least once a month to remove other sources of germs.

Use the Right Infill

ZeoFill Organic Infill relies on natural processes to keep fake grass lawns free of pet urine smells.

When a dog urinates on the lawn, chemical compounds break down, releasing bacteria and resulting in odors. This infill prevents that breakdown from occurring. Your lawn will smell great, and rainwater will flush the bacteria away.

Address Drainage Issues

Fake grass also drains water more quickly than live grass. That’s one more reason it’s ideal for pet owners. You don’t have to worry about your dog getting soaked in water and mud if it plays in the yard after rain.

That said, there may be instances when water pools on your lawn. This can happen after very heavy rains. It might also happen if the ground beneath your turf isn’t completely level. Water may settle in areas where the lawn dips.

Take steps to address these types of drainage issues. In the meantime, don’t let the dog play in the yard when there are areas of standing water. Bacteria like lepto can thrive in these areas.

Why Pet Grass Reduces Germs

Pet grass is the ideal lawn surface for any dog owner. There are many reasons why. First of all, pet grass is more durable than live grass. It can stay in great shape, even with a big dog constantly running back and forth across it. Pet grass is also less likely to contain thorns, rocks, insects, and other dangers that could harm your dog. On top of that, pet grass reduces dog germs in your home. It does so in the following key ways:

Less Organic Life

The more bugs, plants, and mud there are on your lawn, the more microbes there will be. It’s that simple. With synthetic turf, your dog will have fewer chances to bring germs back into the house.

Easier Cleanup

Synthetic grass blades always stay the exact same length and color. That makes it easy to spot animal droppings. The quicker you can spot them, the quicker you can clean them away.

Fewer Animals

Wildlife is drawn to yards where there is food. Animals won’t find many food sources on a synthetic lawn. Thus, they’ll be less likely to spread their germs to your backyard.

Looking for a lawn you and your dog will love? Head to one of Watersavers Turf’s SF Bay Area locations. Our experts will help you pick the best turf for your needs. If you’re having trouble choosing a style, they’ll gladly provide free large 1’ x 1’ samples. These can be shipped to any spot in the Continental United States if you can’t make it to us. We’ll even provide a free estimate for your project!

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