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How to Get Rid of Yard Pests with Artificial Grass

July 7, 2017

Spring is here, and it’s time to learn how to get rid of yard pests with artificial grass.  You’d probably like nothing more than to enjoy the warm weather. Yet, your yard work could be taking time away from the things that you want to do. At Watersavers Turf, the premier supplier in Northern CA, we can tell you everything you need about how to get rid of yard pests with artificial grass. What’s wrong with having a natural lawn? For starters, bugs love it. Disease and too much or too little water can cause damage to it. Even small animals can attack your lawn and plants. They like to chew on tender roots, which in turn causes plants to thin out or die. That’s why you should find out how to get rid of yard pests with artificial grass.

Fixing Lawn Issues with Synthetic Turf

A simple solution to getting rid of pests is fixing lawn issues with synthetic turf. It contains nothing on which pests can feed, so they leave. By fixing lawn issues with synthetic turf, it also eliminates the need for watering. People are fixing lawn issues with synthetic turf to save on the cost of pest control, lawn watering, and feeding. They are also saving a lot more time for doing the things they love.

Lawn Replacement with Fake Grass

Why should you consider lawn replacement with fake grass? First, it looks great. Lawn replacement with fake grass gives you a lawn that stays green all year. It stands up to hard use from kids and pets. Second, it gets rid of pests that cause damage and cost money. Third, lawn replacement with fake grass is a wise investment that pays you back year after year.

So let’s look closer at some of the common problems that can be solved by having artificial turf.

Bugs Don’t Like Plastic Grass

Why is it that bugs don’t like plastic grass but love real lawn? To people, it’s just a lawn. To bugs, a lawn is a meal. With man-made turf, there is nothing for bugs to eat. They have to feed, so they move on. Bugs don’t like plastic grass, so you don’t have to use costly sprays. You don’t have to witness your lawn being damaged by pests, and it will look great all year long.

One of the first rules of war is to know the enemy. Here is a list some of the bugs, pests and other problems that can damage natural lawns:

  • White grubs. Feeding larvae cause random dead spots. They do more damage in the fall. Plants can pull up easily if damaged. Wild animals cause more damage by digging to feed on the grubs.
  • Chinch bugs. Tiny insects suck fluids from blades. This causes spots that turn yellow, as in a drought. Certain types of grass are more vulnerable.
  • Sod webworm. Gray or tan worms feed on blades. Moths can be seen flying at night. Pour soapy water on an area, and webworms will come to the surface.
  • Letting dogs out to do their business can be harmful to lawns. Look for a small dead spot among dark green plants. Fake turf protects the lawn from dogs and protects dogs from lawn pests.
  • Many fungi can cause dead spots.
  • Stripes. Uneven fertilizer leads to green and yellow stripes. You never have to fertilize fake lawns. That saves money and makes the lawn look great.
  • Grass is hard to grow in the shade. Moss fills in the bare spots. 

No Need to Water Synthetic Turf

Watering grass can be tricky, but there is no need to water synthetic turf. It always looks great even during the driest weather. There also are no water bills. Getting enough water at a good price is always a challenge in California.

During a drought, the state often restricts watering. Grass becomes brittle, turns brown or even dies. If a drought persists, owners may have to resod. This costs money and time. Artificial turf never goes dry or brown. Enjoy your yard without paying for water.

Too much rain has been a more recent problem. Replace your damaged sod with one of the 40-plus styles we offer at Watersavers Turf. We can refer a pro to make sure it’s installed right. This includes making sure that peaks and valleys in the surface of your yard are made level. This gets rid of brown spots in high places and pooling water in low ones. 

How Faux Grass Weeds Out Problems

Having faux grass weeds out problems because weeds have no place to grow. Weed seeds need three things to grow – sunshine, water, and nutrients. Artificial turf serves as a barrier between the surface and the soil.

Millions of dollars are spent to control crabgrass and others weeds. Spraying yards restricts access for people and pets. Install synthetic sod, and you won’t ever have to give weeds a second thought. 

Most yards have bare spots worn by people and pets. Fake turf reduces wear from bugs, water, drought, diseases or mold as well. Every square foot stays green all year.

This means there is no need to fertilize, water, weed, or reseed wear spots. Save money and keep enjoying your yard instead.

The Bottom Line on Synthetic Lawn

Money saved on pest control goes straight to the bottom line on synthetic lawn. What’s more, a one-time investment gets rid of bug problems and more for many years. Contact Watersavers Turf to learn more about all of the advantages of our man-made turf. Find out how homeowners, business people, and schools can all enjoy its benefits.

Not sure what kind of turf is best for your project? With more than 40 styles to choose from, finding the right fit can be a challenge. To make the process a lot easier, we offer free large 1’ x 1’ samples. These are big enough that you’ll get a real sense of which uses a specific type is good for. Stop by one of our SF Bay Area locations to pick up your sample.

Not from our part of CA? Or not from the state at all? That’s no problem. We ship anywhere in the Continental United States. On top of that, shipping is free if you’re a contractor.

Switch now, and don’t let lawn problems bug you again.

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