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How to Keep Pools Clean with Artificial Turf

June 15, 2018

It’s easy to see why having a backyard pool is a lot of fun. That said, keeping it clean is a lot less exciting. That’s one reason to switch to an artificial turf lawn. People with artificial turf yards enjoy much cleaner pools than people with grass yards. That’s mostly because there’s just less debris to make its way into the pool. If that sounds good to you, our team at Watersavers Turf will gladly help you switch to artificial turf.

How to Keep Pools Clean

Knowing how to keep pools clean is one thing. Staying on top of all those tasks is something else entirely. Anyone who knows how to keep pools clean knows doing so can involve a lot of work. That’s why you should look for ways to reduce the amount of upkeep your pool requires.

To learn more about how to keep pools clean with fake grass, keep these points in mind:

Guard Against Debris

A lot of debris from your lawn can end up in the pool. Stray leaves, grass clippings, and rocks often drift into the area over the course of a season. You can guard against this by adding fences, borders, and other barriers. For the best results, install a fake turf lawn. You won’t have to worry about grass clippings and similar debris getting into the pool when the lawn that surrounds it is made of fake grass.

Watch the Kids

Kids love to play in the yard before cooling off in the pool. This means there’s a good chance they’ll track dirt or mud into the water. Make sure the kids know they need to clean off any dirt or mud before jumping in. Again, this is a reason plastic grass lawns make pool upkeep easy. Kids can play on them safely with no risk of falling in dirt or mud.

Clean the Lawn

It’s simple: the less debris there is on the lawn, the less debris there is to get in the pool. Keeping the lawn clean helps you also keep the pool clean. With fake turf, cleaning the lawn is as easy as giving it a gentle rinse every now and then.

Synthetic Grass Benefits You Might Not Know About

Synthetic grass benefits aren’t limited to keeping the pool clean. There are many synthetic grass benefits people enjoy during the warm summer months. They’re just more reasons to make the switch.

Synthetic grass benefits you may not have thought of include:


The summer sun tends to heat up the surface around a pool. That’s why many people would rather stand out on the lawn after taking a dip. Of course, bare feet on a grass lawn could mean stepping onto pebbles, thorns, and many other painful pieces of debris. That’s much less likely to occur when your lawn is made of artificial grass.

Less Upkeep

Enjoy your pool more this season by doing away with lawn care chores. By the time you’re done mowing and watering the yard, you’re often too tired to have fun in your pool.

Switch to artificial grass, and you don’t need to worry about it. This is a type of surface you never need to mow or water. That also means there’s very little chance you’ll ever have to worry about grass clippings getting into the pool.

Good Looks

You want the area around your nice, clean pool to look just as gorgeous as the pool itself. Fake grass makes that possible. Real grass can get dry and bare during periods of little rain. If you fall behind on upkeep, it can grow too tall. Intense rain can make it sloppy. Fake turf, on the other hand, always looks as vibrant and green as it did when you first installed it.

Better Drainage

Is your pool very close to the lawn? Worried about water splashing or leaking onto your grass? You don’t have to. Artificial grass drains much more quickly than live grass. That also means your kids are much less likely to slip while playing on it.

Ready to take advantage of these benefits? Head to any Watersavers Turf SF Bay Area location. Our team of experts will help you choose the perfect turf for your plans. We even offer free large 1’ x 1’ samples if you’re having trouble deciding.

Call us at 844-974-8873 to learn more. We’re also happy to chat via our website. Be sure to ask about our special offers, like free estimates!

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