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How To Save Water With Artificial Turf

October 18, 2021

Wondering how to save water? Conserving water is simple: install artificial turf. Synthetic turf will lower your water bill, save you money, and your yard will look great. Additionally, turf requires no maintenance and is easy to install, allowing you to spend more time with family and friends. Especially in California, with a dry climate, freshwater is a limited resource. So, how you can save water is by choosing artificial turf, a drought-resistant surface with excellent staying power. It looks great all year. At Watersavers Turf, we offer a variety of residential turf solutions that will help you conserve water and enjoy your yard at the same time. 

How to Conserve Water With Synthetic Turf 

Regular grass lawns take so much water to keep green. In fact, some studies have shown that real grass lawns account for as much as 54% of residential water use. That’s a ton of water. Too much, in our opinion. However, artificial turf will cut that amount down to almost zero. Synthetic turf only requires a few sprays a couple of times a year. That’s it. So the key to conserving water is transitioning from the real grass lawn. Instead, replace it with an ever-green, comfortable, and versatile artificial turf surface. 

Save Water and Use No Chemicals

No chemicals. That’s right. When you’re curious about how to save water, consider that artificial turf does not need fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals of any kind. This makes synthetic turf a safe option for kids and your pets. No sprays or harsh additives. Just a gorgeous backyard surface. You can host dinner parties or kids’ play-dates. So, no need to worry — our products are also lead-free and PFAS-free. Furthermore, artificial turf helps local water systems and is a sustainable, eco-friendly way for you to answer the question: “how to conserve water for my household?” Your water use will go way down and you can help your local water supply, too. 

Watersavers Can Help You Save Water

That’s right — we’d love to hear from you! 

We care about water conservation and being environmentally friendly. Staff at all of our locations can answer your questions on how to save water and reduce your water bill. We also offer free estimates and complimentary 1” x 1” turf samples.

Also, for general information feel free to check out our turf resources page or check out our Watersavers Irrigation site

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