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What You Should Know About the Hybrid Pitch at World Cup

July 9, 2018

Readers of these blogs know that Watersavers Turf is excited about the hybrid pitch at the World Cup matches. Some of the arenas have switched to a hybrid pitch at the World Cup that’s 95% grass, 5% artificial turf. The hybrid pitch at the World Cup stadiums offers many of the same benefits our products provide like durability. Of course, that’s just one of many reasons we’ve been following this year’s games. The exciting matches are always the main draw. The fact that they’re being played on a high-tech artificial turf surface is a bonus.

Why Teams Should Use Artificial Turf for Soccer Fields

Using a blend of natural and artificial turf for soccer fields is a smart choice. The reinforcement system of this hybrid field ensures the surface remains durable throughout gameplay. Like artificial turf for soccer fields, it also drains more quickly than live grass. This helps reduce maintenance needs and offers the teams a surface they can rely on while playing. If players support it, future World Cup arenas may also switch to a blend of natural and artificial turf for soccer fields.

That said, the players probably aren’t thinking much about the field surface right now. They’re more focused on the actual matches. You probably are too. This year’s games have been filled with moments to remember. That didn’t change last week. As the tournament draws to a close, here are some of the highlights from this past week’s matches.

Russia’s Defeat

The Russian team came very close to winning its first World Cup ever (on home turf, no less). The match against Croatia ended in a shootout when both teams claimed two goals over the course of the game. Any match that ends this way is tense. It’s even more thrilling when so much is on the line. Of course, Croatia has also never won the tournament. The team’s 4-3 shootout victory brings them one step closer to a significant sports milestone.

France Benefits from Cavani’s Absence

There’s no way of knowing if the France vs. Uruguay match would have ended differently had Edinson Cavani been in the game. The star forward was out with a calf injury. That’s not to say the French players didn’t earn the victory. It merely serves as a reminder that the tide can turn quickly during the World Cup for many reasons that can be hard to predict.

Brazil’s Defeat

Brazil has won this tournament five times. Belgium never has. Thus, the fact that Belgium managed to hold off an aggressive Brazilian team during last week’s match is worth mentioning. This year’s games have been full of surprises. The most recent matches have been no different.

England Keeps Things Simple

England made the victory over Sweden look easy. Fans know it probably wasn’t. Sweden did previously reach the top spot in a group featuring both Mexico and Germany. That’s no small feat. Sweden also removed Italy from the playoffs. It will be fascinating to see if England can maintain its impressive performance.

Coming Up

We’re getting into the home stretch here. Will France reclaim glory after its loss to Italy in 2006? Will Belgium or Croatia win for the first time? Can England win for the first time since 1966? No matter who you root for, there’s no doubt these upcoming matches will be a thrill to watch:

  • Tuesday, July 10 – France vs. Belgium (11:00 AM PST)
  • Wednesday, July 11 – Croatia vs. England (11:00 AM PST)
  • Saturday, July 14 – Unknown (7:00 AM PST)
  • Sunday, July 15 – Unknown (8:00 AM PST)

Where to Find Synthetic Soccer Turf

It should be easy to tell that we love this sport. That’s one of the main reasons we’re proud to supply synthetic soccer turf to school districts, towns, and anyone else looking for a durable and budget-friendly surface option. Our synthetic soccer turf helps schools and towns save money because it requires less upkeep than live grass. You never have to water or mow it. It also stands up to wear and tear more reliably than natural grass. Synthetic soccer turf even boosts player safety. Because it stays even and flat, players are less likely to trip over uneven ground. The fact that it dries quickly helps prevent slips and game cancellations.

Those are just some benefits our field turf offers. If you’re a soccer fan thinking about making a purchase, now’s the best time. That’s because we’re celebrating this year’s World Cup with a very special offer.

Spend $300 on Field Turf or Other Supplies, and You Could Win a Great Prize for a Soccer Fan!

We don’t just carry field turf at Watersavers Turf. We also sell supplies to help you install and maintain it, as well as products to further transform your garden or landscape, like boxwood panels. Stop by one of our SF Bay Area locations to learn more. We’ll be playing the World Cup games at all locations! We’ll also be giving you a raffle ticket for every $300 you spend on field turf or other landscape supplies. At the end of the matches, your name might be drawn, and you could win an authentic team jersey!

When you stop by, ask our team for help if you have any questions. They’ll be glad to assist you in any way you need. Pick up some free large 1’ x 1’ turf samples if you’re having trouble choosing an option from our 40+ turf styles. Can’t make it to us? No problem. We also ship them to any spot in the Continental United States.

Feel free to give us a call toll-free at 844-974-8873 if you have any other questions. We’re also happy to chat online.

And, of course, be sure to tune in to all the remaining World Cup matches!

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