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Maintaining Artificial Turf

October 13, 2017

Maintaining artificial turf is much easier than maintaining live grass. Not having to mow, water, or reseed saves you a lot of time and money. That said, some degree of upkeep is still needed every now and then. For the most part, maintaining artificial turf involves cleaning away any debris that settles on your lawn. Stray leaves and branches can impact its overall look. You might also have to spruce it up from time to time in high traffic areas. If people are walking over your lawn often, they may start to mat the blades down.

None of these tasks involve much effort. That said, they may require certain tools. If you need equipment for maintaining artificial turf, our team at Watersavers Turf will gladly provide it.

Artificial Grass Maintenance: Key Tips to Remember

Artificial grass maintenance doesn’t cost a lot of money, time, or effort. You’ll never need to hire a lawn care service for this type of yard. You just need to keep certain artificial grass maintenance tips in mind. You want your turf to always look as vibrant and green as it did when you first installed it. By learning the basics of artificial grass maintenance, you can make sure it does.

Cleaning Artificial Grass

A fake lawn does have one thing in common with a real one: it can get dirty. Leaves will fall on it. People and wildlife may track mud over it. Pets will relieve themselves on it. So, cleaning artificial grass makes good sense.

Without cleaning artificial grass your yard may start to look cluttered. When debris begins to pile up, rake it away using a plastic rake. A leaf blower is also useful at getting rid of most debris if you’re trying to save time.

You should also rinse your lawn with a garden hose every now and then. Doing so removes dirt, oils, and other substances that might have fallen onto it. Because synthetic grass drains and dries quickly, you don’t have to worry about your lawn getting soggy when you rinse it.

Keep Synthetic Grass Fresh

Do you have pets? Are there a lot of animals in your area? Make sure they don’t add their own special scent to the yard. Keeping synthetic grass fresh is easy. Use ZeoFill infill to absorb pet odors caused by urine. It’s a non-toxic and organic, zeolite infill.

You can keep synthetic grass fresh and smelling like freshly-mown grass when you use our odor eliminator spray. It has a fresh grass scent and disinfects your turf as well!

Remove Weeds

Were weeds growing in your lawn before you installed plastic turf? If so, they can still grow  if you didn’t install landscape material beneath your faux lawn. Avoid these problems by either installing landscape material or applying an approved fake turf weedicide. Just ask a synthetic grass specialist to help you choose a weed killer that won’t damage your faux lawn. You don’t want to use any corrosive chemicals on your lawn.

Defibrillate Your Turf

Again, if you and others spend a lot of time in the yard, it’s going to get matted down eventually. You can fix this easily by using a power broom or plastic-bladed rake. A power broom will make the blades stand back into an upright position. It will also pull the internal thatch upwards making the blades more vertical. This is called defibrillation.

Why You Should Practice Synthetic Turf Care

Staying on top of synthetic turf care has many benefits. Most importantly, the benefits far outweigh the mild inconvenience of upkeep. Maintaining live grass can seem like more trouble than it’s worth sometimes. Synthetic turf care is so easy, you’ll have no problem motivating yourself to do it. Benefits of proper synthetic turf care include the following:


Although, your lawn will no longer be home to natural allergens, pollen and other irritants, neighboring plants may settle on it from time to time. Rain will usually wash them away, but you can’t count on the weather to play by your rules. Rinsing your turf periodically ensures that stray seeds wont root and grow into weeds.

Curb Appeal

Boosting the look of your property is one of the main reasons to switch to synthetic grass. Keep it clean, and it will always look impressive. This is especially vital to remember if you’re a business owner with a fake lawn. The better your property looks, the easier it is to attract customers.


Although artificial lawns are designed to last an extremely long time, if you neglect yours completely, wear and tear could result in damage. To restore it, you may need to install new turf. You can avoid these costs by sticking to a maintenance plan.

Personal Satisfaction

Quite simply, you’re much more likely to be proud of your lawn when it looks its best. Practicing basic upkeep results in the feeling of personal satisfaction that comes from knowing your property is comfortable, attractive, and clean.

Tips for Keeping Artificial Grass Clean

We have plenty of tips for keeping artificial grass clean in our Turf Resources Center. Also, the next time you buy an item from one of our SF Bay Area locations, ask our sales staff to share their expertise on keeping artificial grass clean. They will also equip you with any tools you need to keep your lawn in great shape.

Want to learn more? Call us at 844-974-8873, or chat with us via our website. Ask about how you can save money with our free estimates, samples, and delivery offers. We’ll gladly answer any questions you may have.

Interested in finally having the lawn of your dreams? With our help, you can.

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