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How to Create the Perfect Pet-Friendly Yard

May 4, 2023

We all love our pets and know that healthy pets need plenty of space to exercise and play. Creating a pet-friendly yard is important to not only keep pets safe, but also to keep your yard looking it’s best at all times. With pets, it can be a challenge to keep your landscape immaculate. Dogs especially need a place where they can stretch their legs and run around. Here are some ideas on how to create a dog-friendly (or cat-friendly) yard for your furry friends.

Create an Area With Shade

Pets love to get out of the house and take in the sun’s rays! But just as important as it is to get some sun, it is also important they have plenty of shade where they can relax. Providing a nice shady area where your pets can lounge and play is a great way to prevent them from getting overheated. Adding tall trees and bushes to your landscape is a great way to enhance the natural beauty of your yard and can also add shade.

Another option is buying or building a doghouse that has plenty of ventilation. Not only does a doghouse provide shade, but it is also a safe space where your dog can relax and rest.

Build a Dog Run

If you are looking to create a dog-friendly yard, how about building a dog run? A dog run is a fenced-off or separate area where your dog can play freely and safely away from the rest of your landscape. Keeping natural grass from getting worn down and brown spots can be difficult. Artificial grass is a dog-friendly ground cover and a great natural grass alternative commonly used in dog runs. Artificial grass will not stain and is highly durable which means it will not wear down easily.

If you want to learn more about synthetic grass dog runs, check out our blog that covers all the benefits and details about building a dog run in your yard.

Choose Pet-Friendly Plants

When creating the perfect yard for your pets – it is important to choose pet-friendly flowers and plants. Some plants can be poisonous to cats and dogs! To keep your pet safe, avoiding these poisonous plants is a top priority! For a list of toxic and non-toxic plants to avoid in your yard, check out this poisonous plants reference list.

Choose Watersavers Turf for a Pet-Friendly Yard

Artificial turf is the best option for a pet-friendly backyard. Your pet’s running around and playing will not damage your artificial grass. Artificial grass is low maintenance option that doesn’t require fertilizers, pesticides, mowing, or weeding to keep it healthy. We also carry a safe synthetic turf cleaner and deodorizer to keep your grass smelling fresh.

Watersavers offers free estimates, and can walk you through the process of replacing traditional sod with synthetic turf. Contact us today at 844-974-8873 or visit one of our many locations. You can also ask about getting a free sample of our products.

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