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Why Teams Use Sports Field Turf

September 8, 2017

Sports field turf has been in use for decades. To this day, teams and venue owners across the globe embrace this surface option. Unlike live grass, sports field turf requires very little upkeep. This helps field owners save money. It also stands up to intense gameplay and harsh weather. Thus, sports field turf is a safer choice for players than grass.

That’s why it’s showing up in more and more venues. At Watersavers Turf, we’ll help you make the switch.

Artificial Field Turf in School Districts

Many school districts struggle to find room in their budgets for sports programs. The cost of upkeep for a field is simply too great. Some have solved this problem by choosing to replace their grass fields with artificial field turf. Because they don’t have to water or mow artificial field turf, they don’t have to hire a grounds crew to maintain it. Using less water also reduces their bills. Thanks to artificial field turf, they’re able to keep sports in the budget.

Lincoln Middle School, in Santa Monica, CA, is just one school that’s chosen to replace their fields. This isn’t just good for the district or its students. It’s also good for people living nearby.

As Superintendent Dr. Ben Drati says, “Our intent is to continue to provide time for use of the Lincoln field, track and basketball courts by the general public when it is not permitted for organized sports.” Brati adds, “Installation of field lighting will provide additional opportunities for permit groups and the general public to use this much-needed open space during non-school hours.”

School districts often allow locals to use their sports fields when teams aren’t using them for games or practices. When they replace their live grass with artificial turf, they give locals a great resource. On top of that, due to the low upkeep costs, they could even reduce the tax burden on those who live in the district. It’s a win for everyone.

Boosting Phys Ed with a Sports Field Replacement

Nearby Santa Barbara High School is also making changes to their sports fields. Peabody Stadium is adding a sports field replacement that consists of fake turf. For a venue that’s more than one hundred years old, that’s quite an upgrade. Along with the sports field replacement, they’re also making updates to the sound system and lights. The school is adding new seats as well. By using a sports field replacement, the district hopes to support daily Phys Ed for students.

After all, you don’t have to play on the high school team to make great use of its field. You just need to attend the high school. Students need to be able to stay active during the day. They need to learn how to stay fit at a young age. This helps them keep fit later in life.

Sadly, Indoor Phys Ed classes don’t allow students to move around a lot. Space is simply too limited.

When students can work out outdoors, they have a lot more options. That’s yet another reason why schools should install synthetic turf. Something as basic as rain can easily make a grass field too slick to play on.

Fake turf, on the other hand, dries quickly. It also stays flat and even for years. This makes it a safe option for students. When the field surface remains flat, they are much less likely to trip and fall.

Phys Ed isn’t just a class where students burn off some energy. It should help students enjoy a lifetime of fitness. The more options kids have for workouts during the school day, the more likely they are to find a sport they enjoy.

Their options tend to be limited with a grass field. With fake sports turf, they have many more chances to stay active.

Synthetic Grass for Stadiums is Showing up All Over

California isn’t the only place where synthetic grass for stadiums is being put to good use. A quick online search reveals that schools in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Washington, and many others are also switching to this type of surface. Those who install synthetic grass for stadiums are eager to sing its praises, too. Synthetic grass for stadiums changes gameplay for the better.

Consider what one student from Ohio’s Riverside High School has to say about the new field: “It looks beautiful. It’s really exciting, especially getting into Weeks 9 and 10 when the field usually just mud at that point. It’ll be real nice to play on that.”

Another student puts it much more simply, saying the new field is “pretty sweet.” Players mention that this type of surface can even help them improve their skills.

Sports like football require players to make quick turns. As one Riverside student explains, “Even playing on the field, I’m not going to say it makes you a better player. But you’re better at making cuts and things like that.”

Of course, school board members are also happy to explain how these new fields impact the budget. Coaches often point out that the new fields ensure that games and practices are less likely to get rained out.

That said, fake sports turf isn’t just for high schools. Any sports venue could benefit from switching to a cost-effective, safer type of surface. If you want to learn more, get in touch with Watersavers Turf to discuss your project. Call us toll-free at 844-974-8873. Or, visit us online, where we offer free estimates.

You can also stop by any of our SF Bay Area locations. While you’re there, ask about our free large 1’ x 1’ turf samples. If you can’t make it to us, we’ll ship to you. We ship our turf to any spot in the Continental United States. For contractors, shipping is free.

Need a contractor to install your turf? Let us know, and we’ll refer one. We also offer free classes to contractors who want to learn how to install our products.

It’s time your team made the switch.

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