• Rick Porcello of the Red Sox donates sports grass field to Seton Hall Prep. Learn more when you read the Watersavers Turf blog.
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World Series Winner Donates Sports Grass Field

November 15, 2018

Red Sox fans are probably still celebrating the team’s win at this year’s World Series. Who can blame them? That said, we at Watersavers Turf have one more reason to be excited about the outcome. It turns out that pitcher Rick Porcello is also a big fan of faux sports grass. He even gave back to Seton Hall Prep (where he attended high school) by donating a new sports grass baseball field. This was the ideal surface option for many reasons. Keep reading to find out exactly why Porcello and the school chose it. If you decide your field would benefit from similar sports grass, our team of experts will be happy to provide it.

Sports Field Turf — Why Seton Hall Chose It

Seton Hall Prep is located in New Jersey. Winters can be harsh there. That’s a key reason Porcello Field boasts sports field turf. Faux sports field turf can withstand harsh weather all year long. This allows the players to continue practicing as much as possible. In the past, it was not uncommon for Seton Hall baseball players to practice in the school’s parking lot at various times throughout the year. The new sports field turf prevents this.

It will also help the school save money. After all, grass fields require constant upkeep. That means hiring more people to maintain them. They also need to be watered on a regular basis. By choosing a synthetic surface, the school will save money and conserve our precious resource, water. This boosts the overall value of Porcello’s donation. Instead of donating a costly field, he gave the school one it could use at a low cost.

Major Benefits of Artificial Field Turf

The experts at Campus Rec Magazine know a thing or two about athletic field surface options. That’s why they also promote artificial field turf. They point out that artificial field turf can stand up to the wear and tear of drills. This is key to success in a sport like baseball. Quite simply, the more time athletes have to practice, the better the odds they’ll succeed. Artificial field turf offers a surface they can rely on. It won’t need constant repairs, and it won’t get too slick in rainy weather. This means practices are less likely to get canceled.

No one knows this better than players who’ve made it to the major leagues. Someone like Porcello has had many chances to play baseball on both fake and live grass. Thus, they know which is best for a school field. Porcello directly said he wanted to “give back” to his old school when he donated a new baseball facility.

Other Uses for Synthetic Sports Grass

Synthetic sports grass is also useful because it’s so versatile. Baseball is not the only sport where a synthetic sports grass field helps. Synthetic sports grass is ideal for football, lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, outdoor volleyball, and much more. Schools can even install it indoors. Once more, this helps schools ranging from private academies to budget-strapped districts save money. When you have the right surface, you can use one field for many different purposes. Schools that don’t have the money or space for large athletic facilities can install a single low-cost field while still offering a variety of sports programs.

The environment also benefits. After all, it takes a lot of water to keep a large sports field in great shape throughout a year. Schools that opt for an artificial surface can “go green” and do their part to conserve resources. For private schools, this helps maintain positive relationships with their communities. Public schools benefit by making a good impression on taxpayers thanks to reduced water usage and costs.

How to Find Artificial Turf for Campuses

Watersavers Turf offers many styles of artificial turf for campuses. Stop by one of our SF Bay Area locations to learn more. Our experts will gladly walk you through the types of artificial turf for campuses we have to offer. We also provide free large 1’ x 1’ samples of our artificial turf for campuses. They’ll help you better determine which style is the best fit for your needs.

No worries if you can’t make it to us. We also ship to any spot in the Continental United States.

Give us a call at 844-974-8873 if you have any questions. You can also chat with us online. Remember to ask us about free estimates and deliveries!

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