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Artificial Grass in the City of Sacramento, Sacramento County, California & Beyond.

Tired of mowing your lawn? Want to cut down on water usage? Interested in bringing your dream lawn to life? These are just some of the reasons to make the switch to artificial grass in Sacramento, CA. At Watersavers Turf, we’ll help. We’re the premier suppliers of artificial grass for the City of Sacramento, Sacramento County CA. That means we have all you’ll need for any faux grass project. Our catalog also includes all the tools you’ll need to install and maintain your new lawn. Need a contractor to help with your project? If you buy from us, we’ll gladly refer one. Our goal is to offer the best products and service. We work hard to make sure we do.

The Benefits of Fake Grass in Sacramento, CA

Want to understand the benefits of fake grass in Sacramento, CA? First, you have to consider the drawbacks of live grass. You need to mow and water it all year long. Even if you do, the weather can still ruin it. One of the key benefits of fake grass in Sacramento, CA, is the impact it has on your lawn care routine. You never have to water, fertilize, reseed, or mow this type of surface. It stands up to harsh weather, looking great throughout the year. For more info about the benefits of fake grass in Sacramento, CA, check our Annual Cost Savings Chart.

Saving as much as $2,000 a year? Cutting your annual water usage by 30,000 gallons? It’s no surprise why so many people are starting to replace their live grass lawns with synthetic ones. Whether you own a home or business, you’ll benefit from doing the same.

Watersavers Turf’s Benefits for Lawn Replacement in Sacramento, CA & Beyond

Fake Grass for Sacramento, CA Offered by Watersavers Turf!

We want to offer plenty of benefits for lawn replacement in Sacramento, CA and beyond. That’s why we only sell top-quality products. We test our lawn replacement turf to ensure it meets the highest standards. Our products are certified non-toxic and lead-free. They’re designed to resist fire and the sun’s UV rays. They also meet official FIFA standards. Your lawn will stand up to all kinds of wear and tear. That’s not the only reason to use our turf for your lawn replacement. We’re also the only supplier in the region to offer an 18-year residential use warranty (10 years for commercial use).

Contractors who get in on this business before the competition stand to benefit as well. Want to know how to install our products? We offer free classes on the subject. They’ll teach you all you need to know to get started. Find the next session you can attend on our class schedule.

If you’ve got a project in mind, head to one of our SF Bay Area locations. Our team will walk you through your turf options. We make it easier with our free large 1’ x 1’ turf samples. Pick yours up while you’re here. They’ll give you a better sense of which works best for your needs.

You don’t even have to be from the area to take advantage of this offer. We’re happy to ship our samples to any spot in the Continental United States. If you’re a contractor, shipping is free.

Call us toll-free at 844-974-8873 to learn more. You can also visit us online for a free estimate.

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Uses for Residential Artificial Grass in Sacramento, California

On our blog, we cover the many potential uses for residential artificial grass in Sacramento, California. Our residential artificial grass isn’t just a great surface for your lawn. People all over the world are always finding new, smart uses for these products. Read our stories to find out what you can do with residential artificial grass.

Maybe you’re a big golfer. Now you can have your own backyard putting green. We even carry the flags for it!

If you have kids, you want them to be safe when playing in the yard. We offer lawn padding you can install beneath the turf so they won’t be hurt if they fall on it.

Do you like spending time by the patio? Liven it up with some color.

Or, maybe you just want to install your dream lawn. With live grass, you have to worry about upkeep and weather. With our products, that’s not an issue. You’ll get the lawn you’ve always dreamed of, and you won’t have to spend a lot of money to keep it looking gorgeous for years.

Uses for Commercial Synthetic Grass in Sacramento, California

If you own a business, you need to know about the many uses for commercial synthetic grass in Sacramento, California. Our commercial synthetic grass gives you a low-cost lawn that will attract guests and impress clients. Don’t spend time and money making sure your grass always looks perfect. With commercial synthetic grass, you can focus on running your company instead of caring for your lawn.

Café owners use it to add color to outdoor dining areas. At retail stores, our turf catches the eye of shoppers. Want your employees to be more productive after their breaks? Add a green space for them to lounge in.

At hotels, our turf transforms unused sections of the property into points of interest. It offers comfortable lawn seating at music venues. In outdoor malls, it makes for appealing pathways that draw shoppers to stores.

No matter what kind of business you own, our products help you make the right impression.

Uses for Artificial Sports Turf and Pet Grass in Sacramento, CA

Fake grass supplier for Sacramento, CA, Watersavers Turf.

It’s not hard to imagine uses for artificial sports turf and pet grass in Sacramento, CA. Artificial sports turf has been in use for decades. During that time, it’s improved quite a bit. Our artificial sports turf offers teams a safe playing surface they can rely on. Our pet grass, on the other hand, gives dog lovers durable lawns that stand up to wear and tear. Pet grass is perfect for both dog owners and kennels.

That’s because it’s not as easy to damage as live grass. Yes, you want your dog to stay active. That said, you don’t want them tearing up the yard or tracking mud into the house. A synthetic backyard dog run gives them a safe, clean area to run around in.

For sports teams, our products are a much better choice than grass. Grass fields get too muddy for gameplay after rain. Over the course of a season, they suffer a lot of damage. They become uneven, putting players at risk of injury.

Synthetic fields dry quickly. They also stay flat and even, so there’s less chance of injury. Best of all, they cost almost nothing to maintain. That’s why they’re a great choice for budget-strapped school districts.

Sports field upkeep is often too costly for schools. They’re forced to cut programs to stay within their budgets. However, schools that switch to a synthetic surface don’t have this problem. They can offer students safe fields that cost very little to install and maintain. It’s a win for everyone.

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Find Turf Tools and Turf Accessories for Sacramento, California

When you need to find turf tools and turf accessories for Sacramento, California, you need Watersavers Turf. We carry any item you’ll need.

Find all the artificial grass accessories and tools that you need in Sacramento, CA at Watersavers Turf!

The EasySeam machine allows contractors to quickly bind turf sections without blue. The faster you can finish a job, the more work you can take on.

We also have products that make your lawn smell like it’s just been mowed. Our boxwood ivy panels add color to your walls. Again, we even have golf flags! Check out our full catalog to understand why we are the one-stop shop for your project.

Find Artificial Grass in Your City

Our business isn’t limited to Sacramento. We also serve these local cities: Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Galt, Isleton, Rancho Cordova

Delivery is free throughout the SF Bay Area. Still, we ship to any city in the state.

We can also ship to any state in the Continental US:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Trying to find turf tools and turf accessories for Sacramento County, California? Watersavers Turf has you covered. We carry everything from boxwood ivy panels to golf flags. We also have products that make your lawn smell like fresh cut grass. Check our full accessories catalog to learn more about what we carry.

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Things to Do Within Sacramento, CA

Visit the State Capitol museum for a fun thing to do in Sacramento, California.

Finding things to do within Sacramento, CA is easy. Sports fan? Head to Hughes Stadium to see your favorite team. Since it has an artificial surface, games are rarely canceled due to weather. If you’re looking for educational things to do within Sacramento, CA, the city is home to Crocker Art Museum and Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park. Don’t forget the State Capitol where there is a museum. If you want to see what is there before you visit the museum, you can also do a virtual tour. Whatever your interests are, you’ll find things to do within Sacramento, CA.

Be sure to visit a nearby Watersavers Turf location while you’re in the SF Bay Area. We’re eager to help you plan your project. Again, you can always call us toll-free at 844-974-8873 if you’re not from our part of the state. We’re also happy to chat online. Ask us about our free estimates, samples, and delivery offers too.

With Watersavers Turf, you’ll always have expert help.


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