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Commercial Synthetic Grass Landscapes

Wouldn’t you like your business to present a clean, polished landscape look? A neat lawn makes a good impression on clients and customers and can boost employee morale. However, the cost and labor of upkeep for a live grass lawn can take a bite out of profits. From event spaces, playgrounds, pet shelters, homeowner associations, office parks to unique commercial applications, commercial synthetic grass saves time, water, and money. Watersavers Turf offers the highest quality of synthetic grass and competitive prices, so there’s a great match for any business owner.

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How a Synthetic Grass Replacement Saves Money by Saving Water

In hot and dry areas, one square foot of live lawn drinks about 55 gallons of water a year. That water usage costs dollars and cents. Switching 1,000 square feet of real sod to waterless turf can save over $2,000 a year. For an area of that size, installing turf costs about $12,000, versus $7,000 to plant grass from seed.  But in just five years, the upkeep costs for the living lawn almost double its initial price. That’s a pricey recurring line item for your company. Meanwhile, faux grass stays green at a low annual cost of just $200.  In a 15-year period, a single synthetic grass replacement can save almost $30,000 in labor costs. (For a year-by-year breakdown, see our Annual Cost Savings table.) Commercial synthetic grass saves water and money, plain and simple.

HOAs Approved for Artificial Lawns

There’s never been a better time to install commercial synthetic grass. In September 2015, CA Governor Jerry Brown signed into law that no homeowners’ associations in our state can prohibit artificial lawns. This is great news for HOA residents who want to make turf a part of their landscape with no red tape.

Fortune 500 Companies Switching to Synthetic

Walt Disney World just went synthetic with a major installation of fake turf right in the Central Plaza of the Magic Kingdom. It’s one of the most visible and high traffic areas of the busy theme park, and Mickey Mouse is greeting visitors with an artificial lawn. If the waterless grass is working in the “Happiest Place on Earth,” what could it do for your landscape design?

Major sports arenas are big business too, and they’re choosing faux lawns left and right. More than 21 NFL teams now play on sports turf, which can stand up to their intense wear and tear. That’s up from just 11 teams in 2003. The fast rise of faux fields across high-stakes pro-sports is leading the way for lawn replacement trend. In 2016, you will see this landscaping material at all levels of commercial use, from mom-and-pop businesses all the way up to the top of the ladder.

Commercial Synthetic Grass Boost Safety for Playgrounds

With synthetic grass, there is no exposure to the pesticides and fertilizers used on real grass. Also, synthetic grass padding can be added to cushion the play area. Turf is a smart choice for playgrounds, schools, and other family-friendly businesses. It’s easy to upkeep, looks clean, is 100% lead-free, and therefore ideal for child-safe zones.

Pick up some free samples at one of our warehouses or our San Rafael showroom. You can also look at our online gallery, or contact Watersavers to find out which of our lawn replacement products is best for your business.