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Free Artificial Grass Samples

Are you curious what our artificial grass looks and feels like in real life? At Watersavers Turf, we know you’ll love our products once you have them in your hands. That is why we offer FREE artificial grass samples to our customers. 

  • If you’re a homeowner and would like samples shipped to you, you just need to cover the cost of shipping (or visit one of our stores for no shipping charge). Our Homeowners section has more details.
  • If you’re a contractor, head to our Contractors section and contact us for samples.

Why Should I Get an Artificial Grass Sample? 

There are several benefits to getting an artificial grass sample: 

  • No better way to choose synthetic turf than to hold it in your hands and feel it 
  • Samples are so large that you can even stomp around to see how they cushion your feet 
  • Place samples anywhere to observe how they look in the shade or direct sun 

Synthetic turf samples make it simple for clients to choose the right product. Whether you are going to cover a backyard play space or sports arena with fake grass, we have what you need.

Make Your Truck a Mobile Showroom with Our Free Artificial Grass Samples

The best way to show your clients how artificial grass would look on any job site is to keep our samples on hand. Your clients can see how our product looks and feels, which will help them make decisions faster.

We encourage you to fully stock your trucks with different samples. Our expert staff can identify the best performers and the best value options. You will be ready to show clients what they will be getting, which goes a long way to closing a sale. 

How Do I Get Synthetic Grass Samples?

Contact Watersavers Turf today to get your free artificial grass samples. Fill out our contact form or call us at 844-974-8873. Our synthetic turf samples are a great way to make the right choice.