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Sports Turf that Saves Water in the San Francisco Bay Area

Did you know that several years ago, San Francisco voters chose to switch the athletic fields in Golden Gate Park from live lawns to artificial sports turf? The city’s folks know that turf saves water, and is a smart and safe choice for sports and games. What’s good for a high-profile play spot like Golden Gate Park makes just as much sense for sports arenas, schools, courts, and parks of any size.

Due to California state water restrictions, sports fields and rec areas in the SF Bay Area are taking a long and hard look at their heavy water use. Watersavers Turf brings high-quality sports turf to the SF Bay Area to help with water conservation efforts. Our fake sports turf is ideal for any and all activities that you would play on real grass.

Our Artificial Turf Products

Golf Turf and Other Uses for Artificial Sports Turf

Our golf turf is a great match for large golf courses and for putting greens. If you’d rather kick a ball than swing a club, our soccer turf, and heavy-duty shock pads make high-impact games on a live grass substitute as safe as they are eco-smart.

Tennis fans can help score points for the Earth when they switch from live grass to synthetic tennis courts. Not all sports lawns are tennis courts or pro soccer fields, of course. Think about what folks want to walk, run, and jump on when they toss a Frisbee for fun or have a casual game with friends in the park. They want a soft surface that looks and feels great, with no bare dirt spots or mud. When you use artificial grass for recreation, you’ll have a lawn that is full and fresh all year round, in the sun and shade.

It makes sense that schools and pro stadiums in California and all over the world want to be part of the sports field turf trend! From artificial field turf to putting greens, batting cages to synthetic cricket turf, bocce courts to tennis courts, plus park lawns and more, we have the right sports turf for you at Watersavers.

Couple our products with our pro-grade lawn padding to meet GMax Shock Attenuation Testing requirements. The thickness of our lawn pads are ¾”, 1 1/8”, and 2 1/8”. These turf products are tested by TSI, Dalton, Georgia. If needed, we can provide you with a Certificate of Analysis for GMax ratings on our turf padding.

How Sports Field Turf Stands up to Play

The field in a rec area should be so bright and strong that it’s inviting to players. The lawn in a park, school, or stadium has to be able to stand up to heavy foot traffic, and our sport field turf fits the bill. A natural lawn can wear down to bare spots where dirt or mud can cause slips and slides. That means you need to reseed the field or place new sod to keep the field green and soft. Upkeep costs for lawns are high, and a lot of that has to do with how well the field can take wear and tear before it starts to look too bare to play on. Of course, how well a field lasts over time is not just about how good it looks. It needs to stay safe on impact and take the hit for lots of runs, jumps, and falls.

The sports turf we sell is made to last for game after game. You should also pair your fake grass with the right padding to absorb shock. We’re a one-stop-shop that stocks all the tools you’ll need to install and care for your sports field turf, like heavy-duty shock pads that can take a hit so that your team won’t have to.

How to Choose a Golf Turf

We have putting green products that range from a 44-ounce face weight all the way up to a 60-ounce face weight. Price point and color are two ways to pick a lawn, but when it comes to golf, keep an eye on blade height. Our two top putting lawns are Performance Putt and Putt-46-BiColor. The short blade height of these products lets a golf ball roll across with ease, for a smooth game. Performance Putt is a darker grass in a bicolor green shade, and it is just a bit taller than the Putt-46-Bicolor, with a blade height of 5/8”. That extra height makes it easy to hold sand infill which is perfect for the sand traps on your course. When you need to choose a faux grass for your golf zone, talk with our experts to find the right match. Click here to find out more about our golf turf.

Soccer Turf hits Safety Goals at FIFA

Soccer turf has been in the news since its use at the 2015 FIFA World Cup. That event had lower injury rates compared to previous FIFA games played on live lawns. That’s the kind of great news that is big enough on its own to make sports turf a smart choice. To add to that, think about the savings you will reap for the easy upkeep of your synthetic field; there’s no watering and little to no labor cost to care for your soccer field. Soccer needs a lot of space whether it is a pro arena or a social game in the park. So, if you choose to plant real grass, you will spend a lot of time and money to mow, water, and reseed that ground as players’ hard use wears it down with each game. When you choose our turf, your annual upkeep cost can be as low as 10% of what you would spend on a live lawn per year. Our soccer turf saves time and money while it keeps the goalie safe through all those big jumps and fast dives for the ball.

How Synthetic Tennis Courts Save Water

Since fake grass doesn’t need to be watered, it’s good for the planet when you choose it over live grass. Want to know how good it is? Let’s do some quick math. When you choose fake lawn instead of real grass, you can save up to 55 gallons of water per square foot per year. Now think about the size of a tennis court. A full-size doubles tennis court is not just one square foot, of course. In fact, it covers 2,808 square feet! You don’t need to crunch the numbers to see at a glance that if you choose to play on synthetic tennis courts instead of on live grass, you will save a lot of water each year. Learn more about synthetic tennis courts and make the eco-smart switch.

Artificial Grass for Recreation from Big Games to Small

A carpet of green is part of the joy of having a fun time outdoors. With the rising threat of climate change, finding ways to conserve water matters more now than before. Install artificial grass for recreation, and you can keep the green but say goodbye to wasting gallons of water to keep it soft and full. Learn more about why artificial grass for recreation makes sense.

Are you ready to score some points on your sports field? Start your game with the right fake lawn. One of our bestselling grass styles is Sport Field-63. This has a 63 oz. face weight, so it is full and dense at a moderate price point. The 1 ¼” blade height suits active use, and the olive/emerald green color looks good at any sports venue. Made to be durable, its blades can stand up to the wear and tear of play, as well as tough weather conditions. In addition to sports turf, Watersavers all the tools you’ll need to install and care for your faux grass. Get a free quote, visit one of our CA stores, or call us at 844-974-8873. You can even chat with us online.