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Residential Artificial Grass

You are about to make a great decision by installing artificial grass. It’s a big step for the planet and the beauty of your yard regardless of the season. Many homeowners are already choosing synthetic turf to save water and have the best looking yard in the neighborhood.

Whether you need synthetic turf for your lawn, commercial applications, backyard sports, playgrounds, or artificial lawn for decks, patios, and pool areas, Watersavers Turf has the best turf options available.

To help you make the right choice, our experts at Watersavers Turf have selected premium, top quality products to fit your needs. All our featured product offers high total weights, meaning the turf is plush and dense for full realistic texture. These products are stocked in our warehouse and can be delivered in California, or anywhere in the continental USA!

Our Artificial Turf Products

Watersavers Turf Products are Non-Toxic, Lead-Free, and PFAS-Free

Spending time outside lowers stress and promotes a more active lifestyle. According to “Psychology Today,” a daily dose of sunlight affects serotonin levels, which means improved mood. Making your outdoor spaces look great encourages you to spend time there. Why not give your yard a boost with turf? A dose of green may be just what the doctor ordered.

Of course, when it comes to health, not all residential artificial grass products are alike. Some brands of turf infill are made with crumb rubber, a material that is under investigation by the EPA and by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Crumb may contain toxins that are harmful for long-term exposure. Certain styles of faux grass are manufactured with lead, which can leech into the air and ground. Our faux turf is non-toxic, lead-free, PFAS-free, and safe for adults, kids, and pets. That includes all our padding and cushioning, as well as all the turf we offer.

Hollywood Celebrities and Top Landscape Designers Weigh in on Turf

When their designers suggest residential artificial grass, celebrities like Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell, and David Basche listen. All three have included artificial grass in their landscapes, helping to lead the statewide trend. Turf is becoming a buzzword in top design circles as high-quality products sold by premium distributors like Watersavers are popping up in the home landscapes of more and more A-list clients. Awards for faux grass yards are no longer a rarity, as trade shows and industry magazines start to recognize the value of waterless grass. It offers drought-resistant green year-round, and lots of layout options. No sun? No problem. Not every yard gets the direct light that live sod needs, but a faux lawn adds green in the sun or in the shade. That means a real grass substitute opens more options for yard design.

Contact Watersavers, drop by a store location, or chat with us online to join the other California homeowners jumping onto the residential artificial grass trend.