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Pet Grass for Home Yards and Commercial Applications

Pets are happiest outdoors, where they can play safe and carefree, but often times that means a muddy mess for owners. Watersavers Turf has top quality pet grass for any application, allowing you to provide an eco-friendly, low maintenance area for your pets. No more muddy paws! Our pet grass is great for home dog runs, commercial pet facilities, dog parks, apartment complexes, airport relief stations, and even puppy training! Our products are quick-draining and durable, able to stand up to high wear and tear from your pets. We also carry pet specific products like odor eliminators and organic infills, to keep your yard smelling fresh and clean.

Our Artificial Turf Products

Fast Draining Pet Grass Controls Odors

A landscape design for pets depends on animal size, the amount of space, and how the area will be used. Large, active dogs need a tough grass to stand up to digging and hard play. For smaller dogs, the main factor is the easy cleanup. To control pet odor, every animal zone needs a lawn that drains fully to move waste away fast. While all artificial lawns drain more quickly than natural sod, our pet grass offers an advanced design.

Professional Play offers a drainage rate of 121 inches per hour! This allows odors and liquid waste to pass right through. When you choose a faux pet grass for an animal area, make sure that you follow the recommended installation guideline to maximize your drainage and allow for urine to wash efficiently through the turf.

Fighting Off Pet Odors and Bacteria

An artificial lawn doesn’t need to be watered or mowed, but it does need to be installed correctly to ensure it remains low maintenance. You want to stop pet odors before they start. We offer ZeoFill infill to manage pet odor. This organic sand absorbs pet urine and neutralizes the ammonia, which eliminates the odor all together. But be sure to follow the recommended amount to ensure maximum absorption.

While ZeoFill infill helps with odor, OxyTurf helps clean and disinfect your artificial turf. It also is an odor eliminator with a fresh grass smell. Made with hydrogen peroxide and other natural ingredients, OxyTurf and safe for both you and your pets. It’s easy to apply and works in just 10 minutes. ZeoFill infill plus OxyTurf Cleaner & Disinfectant is a winning pair for dog runs, dog parks, or any home yard where a happy pet plays.

Silicon Valley Humane Society Goes Green as Turf Leads to LEED Award

The Silicon Valley Humane Society has won a gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) ranking from the US Green Building Council. That makes it one of the first certified “green” animal centers in the world. The award is a result of a firm focus on lower power and water use. They chose smart building materials and made eco-friendly landscape upgrades.

One of their major green choices was synthetic turf installation. By switching their 56,000 square foot lawn to artificial turf, they’re saving around 1,680,000 gallons of water a year. That result is good news for the planet, and proof of a job well done by their top-tier landscape designers.

Want to follow in those footsteps? California’s premier distributor, Watersavers Turf, offers pet grass that conserves water, and stands up to the wear and tear of pets at play. Visit a Watersavers location, contact us, or browse our online shop to find the pet turf that’s right for you.