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Best Ways to Put Up Artificial Ivy in Your Home

May 7, 2024

Hanging artificial ivy is simple and straightforward. It is a painless way to add color and texture to your space. There are multiple methods you can use to complete this task. 

First, you must measure the intended area to determine the number of panels you need. The next step is to attach the panels together, which is quite easy as our panels snap in place. Now, you are ready to put up artificial boxwood or ivy in your home! Additionally, you can cut the panels with scissors to get the perfect fit and use zip ties to reassemble the pieces if required.

Put Up Artificial Ivy Using Gaffer Tape

Gaffer tape allows you to treat your walls like an empty canvas to decorate anyway you wish. It does not leave any residue, thus making it the ultimate choice for hanging artificial ivy on painted walls. Take your connected turf panels and tape the back to the wall of your choice. You can hang artificial turf in your bedroom or living room to provide a fun and modern touch. Additionally, you can transform a blank surface into an admirable accent wall.

Zip Ties – the Simplest Installation Method

One of the easiest ways to hang artificial ivy is to use zip ties. You can even use green zip ties to match the color of our panels and create a camouflage effect. After securing the panels to the desired surface, just trim off any excess part of the ties with scissors. Where can you install artificial ivy using zip ties? Your fence! Cover picket or chain link fences with turf to add vibrance and privacy to your environment.

How to Use a Staple Gun to Hang Artificial Ivy

Another effortless way to hang artificial ivy is with the help of a staple gun. This method is perfect for wooden surfaces. Simply staple the back of the turf panel to the wood and the installation is complete. Alternatively, if the wood is thick, you can use nails instead of staples. One of the best locations to place your artificial turf is on a wooden fence. It will brighten up your patio or backyard. Another idea is to attach the ivy panels to a wooden frame and now, you have a moveable piece of art!    

Employ a Drill for Tough Surfaces

Can you put artificial ivy on a brick or concrete wall? Indeed, you can! There is a bit more involved in this process, but with preparation, it is possible. To begin, you will need a drill, a steel wire grid, screws, anchors, and zip ties. Next, mark the spots where you will place the screws to attach the grid to the wall. Drill the holes in the marked locations and secure the steel wire grid against the wall using screws and anchors. Lastly, take your zip ties to hang artificial ivy on the grid and trim the ends of the ties if necessary. 

How Can You Maintain Your Turf Wall?

Artificial ivy requires little maintenance and minimal care. You can use a feather duster to get rid of dust or other debris. For more stubborn build-up, utilize a dry cloth to clean the surface. If artificial grass is a part of your turf wall, straighten the grass blades with a stiff bristle brush. 

Don’t wait to start decorating with artificial ivy! Reach out to Watersavers Turf to bring your projects to life. Call us at 844-974-8873 with any questions or to request a free estimate. 

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