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Why Spring Is an Ideal Time for an Artificial Turf Installation

March 6, 2023

Are you ready to turn your dream lawn into a reality? As springtime approaches, many of us feel inspired to take on a new project and an artificial turf installation can completely transform your outdoor living space. Your artificial turf installation can technically happen any time of the year, but it is easier to install turf outdoors in warmer weather. Spring is ideal, because heavy rain won’t interfere with the installation process and you will get to enjoy your yard all summer long. Our team at Watersavers Turf will be happy to help you every step of the way.

Prepare for Summer with Your Artificial Turf Installation Project

Synthetic turf is the perfect lawn replacement for anyone who wants a low-upkeep yard that looks great all year long. An artificial grass lawn withstands harsh weather, stays green, and lowers your bills. You will save a lot of money and time with a lawn that you don’t have to water, fertilize, or mow. As spring approaches, set aside time to start planning your artificial turf installation and learn more about the process with our artificial grass installation guide. We also carry a range of synthetic turf products to meet your specific needs.

Spring is a great time for your artificial turf installation project, because summer is on the horizon. The warmer months are ideal for taking advantage of being out in your garden and playing games on the lawn. In other words, have your artificial grass installed in spring, so you can get the most use out of it this year.

Easy Yard Maintenance During the Hot Summer Months

Dreaming of summer BBQs and pool parties? Have kids who love to invite their friends over to splash around all day? Installing artificial grass around your pool, helps with drainage, aesthetics, safety, and less maintenance. Learn more about the benefits installating turf around your pool and how it helps keep your yard clean during the summer months.

Reduce Water Use and Lower Water Bills

California is making a big push for water smart landscapes and replacing your lawn with artificial turf is one way to help conserve water. You also have the added benefit of saving money and time maintaining your yard.

Make Your Dream Lawn a Reality with Artificial Grass

Artificial turf doesn’t simply save money and boost the look of your lawn. It can let you realize all of your landscape design goals. Thus, you want to plan your artificial grass installation during a time of the year when you will be most inspired. Spring and summer give you plenty of chances to spend time out in the yard, thinking up ideas for how you want your new lawn to look. Maybe you want to add some extra greenery to patio areas or outdoor walls. Perhaps you want to install a gazebo or pergola. You might want to use synthetic grass to create a walking path for your garden. These are just some of the ideas you may have during the spring and summer as you spend more time in the backyard.

Start planning now as spring is approaching, so you can find the right turf product and book a contractor to install it in your yard.

Head to one of Watersavers Turf’s SF Bay Area locations, including our two showrooms in San Rafael and Concord. We offer free turf samples to help you get a better sense of which turf product is right for your goals.

You can also chat with us online or give us a call at 844-974-8873. Be sure to ask about our free estimates! We’re also happy to refer a local contractor to complete your artificial turf installation. With our help, making the switch to a new artificial grass lawn is easy.

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