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PFAS-Free Artificial Turf from Watersavers Turf

There is a lot of information about chemicals in artificial turf and what is safe to have in our homes and schools. We only carry PFAS-free artificial turf. It is also lead-free, UV resistant, and not flammable. Learn more about the artificial grass testing that our manufacturer does and feel free to contact us with any questions.

What exactly are PFAS? 

PFAS are long-lasting chemicals, which break down slowly over time and can have harmful effects on our bodies. PFAS can be found in many places including our water, food, food packaging, and household products.

Are PFAS in Artificial Grass?

There are several articles discussing PFAS in turf, claiming PFAS are found in all synthetic turf. This is incorrect. Crumb rubber infill, sometimes used to weigh turf down and help the blades stand upright, contains unhealthy chemicals. Crumb rubber infill is made of recycled tires and contains lead among other chemicals. This is why we do NOT sell or recommend crumb rubber infill for synthetic turf installations. 

Instead, we carry other safe infill options that perform the same functions. Our organic ZeoFill, for example, has cooling properties to keep your turf cooler as well. We also have other natural, non-toxic infill options, so you will never need to use crumb rubber infill. 

The artificial turf that we sell has been tested in the United States and in internationally recognized testing facilities, showing that we only carry PFAS-free and PAH-free artificial turf. 

PFAS Testing  |  PFOS Testing  |  PFOA Testing  |  PAH Testing

All of our products are made with the same materials and manufacturing processes. If you’d like a further explanation on the above reports, please read here.

Our turf is also BPA-free. You can view the testing report here: BPA Testing

PFAS-Free Artificial Turf is Available Near You 

Our product line only contains PFAS-free artificial turf and we also carry a range of natural infills. Feel free to give us a call or visit one of our locations. We have showrooms in San Rafael and Concord as well as warehouse locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

You can also learn more about how our synthetic turf is made and how best to maintain it on our turf resources page.