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Artificial Grass near meArtificial Grass Products for the San Francisco Bay Area & Beyond

Wondering “Where can I find artificial grass near me?” Watersavers Turf has you covered with many locations that carry high-quality artificial grass in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. We are the leading artificial grass supplier for the North Bay (Marin County & Sonoma County), East Bay (Alameda County & Contra Costa County), and South Bay (Santa Clara County). That means no matter where you are, you can say “I know where to find artificial grass near me.” We ship for free within the San Francisco Bay Area and can deliver to anywhere in the continental US.

The Perfect Artificial Grass For You

We have some of the highest quality artificial grass on the market today. Join the turf trend and do your part to save water, California’s most valuable natural resource. By installing synthetic turf, you have chosen one of the most attractive and cost-effective ways to help save the planet. Think of the hundreds of gallons of water you see spilling out of a sprinkler or hose to keep natural sod fresh, lush, and soft. With artificial grass from Watersavers Turf, it’s never been easier to save water and find great weather-resistant fake grass!

You can save all that water and the money that water costs while still enjoying a green yard year-round. We can make that happen for you with our stores all across the SF Bay Area. Visit one of our fully-stocked locations. Our expert staff is ready to help you.


Stop by our Petaluma Store or our San Rafael Store for a top-notch customer service experience with our expert staff, who can guide you every step of the way for installing artificial grass in the North Bay. To see what synthetic turf can do for you, come by our beautiful San Rafael showroom to ask questions and feel samples in person.

Petaluma Store

840 Perry Lane, Petaluma, CA 94954

San Rafael Store

508 Irwin Street, San Rafael, CA 94901

San Rafael Turf Showroom

4316 Redwood Highway, Suite 100 San Rafael, CA 94903

With three locations in and around Sonoma and Marin, you can count on us for finding artificial grass in the North Bay. Our stores are open six days a week. Our San Rafael Turf Showroom (open Monday to Friday) is where you can see the widest range of synthetic grass in person. It’s not always easy to picture the results of your landscape design, but that will change once you have seen and touched our synthetic turf in person. That’s why we are proud to offer all of our customers the chance to really get to know our products. If can’t stop by our showroom, you can visit one of our other locations for free 1’ x 1’ turf samples. We know the quality of our product will make your decision easy.


Stop by our Concord, Dublin, or Brentwood stores for great prices and customer service. Our expert staff can guide you through every install step for artificial grass near the East Bay, and we’re a one-stop-shop for all your turf and turf tool needs.

Concord Warehouse

4025 Nelson Avenue, Concord, CA 94520

Dublin Store

6302 Houston Place, Dublin, CA 94568

Brentwood Store

395 Carrol Court, Suite C & D, Brentwood, CA 94513

With our three stores in Contra Costa and Alameda, we’ve got you covered for artificial grass near the East Bay. Our artificial turf warehouse and showroom in Concord is unique in that it offers same-day pick-up for all Bay Area contractors. Chat with us about your landscape, and find all the products you need to join the fast-growing synthetic turf trend.


Visit us at our San Jose Store for a great customer service experience and competitive prices. Our pro staff can help you with all the steps of installing artificial grass near the South Bay. We’re a one-stop shop for commercial and residential synthetic turf, plus all the tools and accessories you need.

San Jose Store

1540 Old Bayshore Hwy, San Jose, CA 95112

With our large San Jose shop, we’ve got you covered for artificial grass near the South Bay. Our store is open six days a week including Saturday, so stop by and talk with us about your landscape.

Conservation in the San Francisco Bay Area

We’re proud that our artificial grass is part of a high quality of life across the Bay Area. People come to us for yards that look great and are sustainable. Watersavers has been committed to water conservation in landscape design since 1988, but of course, the San Francisco Bay Area is a lot older than that. Maybe some facts about the region’s past will inspire you to make a lawn choice that helps conserve its natural resources for the future!

When Europeans began to arrive in the 1500s, there were already 10,000 Ohlone people along the coast of the Bay Area. There were about 40 small tribes, each with their own culture. They lived on the area’s abundant fish, wild game, native plants, and wildfowl. As Spanish explorers came, they brought new flora and fauna along with their way of life. People built large ranches and farms, as well as churches and missions. Ships began to sail into the SF Bay to trade goods. Pioneers from the East came in boats and by wagon trains. When gold was found in 1848, the influx of people to towns and cities was huge and fast!

Folks raced to get the most riches they could out of the state’s hills and rivers. When the gold began to dwindle, the city’s growth did not slow down much. Streets were paved, and shallow areas of marsh were filled in to create more land to build on. That kept going to the point where 90% of the San Francisco Bay’s tidal marsh was gone. Laws to protect the environment didn’t start to come into place until a lot of damage had been done. The Sierra Club began in the 1890s as people like John Muir saw what was going on and started to care for the future of CA in a new way, but the laws were not on their side yet. It wasn’t until 1927 that the state of CA made a State Parks Commission to protect the land and water. Now, we do think more about the Earth and how we can care for it with smart choices in how we live, but there’s no time left to wait.

As the San Francisco Bay Area fights drought, climate change is in the news and on people’s minds. How can you cut your water use down? Take short showers? Wash your car less often? These changes are good, but there’s one big choice that can matter more. You can save about 55 gallons per square foot per year by switching your yard from a live lawn to our faux one. With high water costs due to the drought, no wonder yards are going green with our artificial grass for the San Francisco Bay Area! To join this smart trend, visit any Watersavers store, our San Rafael or Concord showrooms, or contact us for a free estimate.