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Artificial Turf FactsYour Synthetic Grass Questions Answered

Do you have synthetic grass questions about how to install turf, how safe fake lawn is for kids, or how long turf lasts? Those are just a few of the things we want you to know. Find out how to get the right product for your yard and how to take care of it. Our free delivery, superb warranties, and our contractor discounts are just a few benefits we offer. Check out this FAQ to learn all the artificial turf facts you need to know. You will see why WatersaversTurf is the best place to shop for all your synthetic turf lawn needs.

Artificial Turf Facts and Installation Tips

Do you know what can make or break your fake grass lawn? Any pro knows, when you install a fake lawn, each choice you make in how you lay it out will set the look of your turf for the whole life of the yard. No detail is too small. Even the direction the blades face is a big deal, and can change the whole feel of your lawn. Check out our artificial turf installation tips to start things off right from day one. Our FAQ is packed with tips to keep your yard beautiful for years to come.

Our FAQ is full of the things our clients ask the most. If the artificial turf facts that you need to know did not pop up for you here on this page, we are glad to help you find out what you want to know! Contact Watersavers Turf with any of your synthetic grass questions.

Stop by one of our SF Bay Area stores, or call us at 844-974-8873. We will be glad to talk with you. If you are wonderfing “What will my new faux lawn cost?” after reading this FAQ, get a free quote from us now.

Common Artificial Turf Questions

How does your free delivery work?

Watersavers Turf offers free next day delivery to your job site or place of residence if it is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.*

  1. Contractors: We offer free next day delivery with no minimum order.
  2. Homeowners: We offer free next day delivery on a minimum order of 300 sq. ft.

*Dependent on manufacturer inventory

What is the life expectancy of your artificial grass products?

20 – 25 years under normal usage.

Where is your turf made?

Our turf materials are sourced from multiple companies overseas and manufactured in China. Our American Made products are assembled in the USA.

What colors do you carry?

We carry a variety of green colors and blends: emerald green, olive green, field green, lime green, and beige. Our thatch is brown/green or just green.

What is your turf made of?

  • Our backing consists of layers of polyurethane (PU) and glue. The majority of products on today’s market are made with PU backing, as it is theoretically more advanced. PU is a chemical based glue so it doesn’t react to moistures. However, PU will react more to temperature changes, and it can shrink/expand.
  • Our blades are made of polyethylene (PE) – or plastic. It is soft and durable, as well as being nonporous and easy to clean.
  • Our thatch is made of polypropylene (PP) – another form of plastic which is harder and more durable. Nonporous and easy to clean.

Is synthetic turf safe for children and pets?

Yes! Our products are lead free and safe for adults, children and pets.


What is your warranty?

All our artificial lawns have an 18 year residential warranty and 10 year commercial warranty against UV and Turf defects. (Limitations apply)


Do I get a Certificate of Warranty?

Yes, a Certificate of Warranty is available upon request.

How quickly does turf drain?

30 gallons per square yard per minute – faster than natural lawn!

What kind of maintenance does turf require?

We recommend you clean it every 8 months: hose it down, blow the leaves, and power broom.

Is your turf recyclable?

Yes! It is made of plastic, with small parts glue.

Is your turf flammable?

No, our turf is NOT flammable. You can however melt turf if you are not careful. Read about how to avoid turf burn on this post.

Can I get a discount?

Absolutely! We have several price breaks to help our contractors establish themselves competitively in the synthetic turf market. We can offer price breaks on rolls:

  • Buy 1 roll or more and receive up to 5% off
  • Buy 3 rolls or more and receive up to 10% off

Can you do the layout design?

We can assist with layout design for larger jobs.

Are there different types of blades?

There are the standard blades and engineered blades which have added benefits. All engineered blades are designed to stand up perfectly on their own, as the blades are thicker. Infills are still recommended to weigh down the turf, but are not necessary to hold up the blades. Some examples are:

  • C Blade = Has a high wear tolerance and an ideal durability to withstand heavy-traffic areas. This blade allows a perfect “stand on” look most synthetic turf fails to achieve. As a part of our performance series, C-shaped blades allows grass to stand up straighter under significant pressure.
  • S Blade = There is no shine. While flat blades reflect the entire spectrum of light making grass appear white, the S-shape helps to diffuse reflectance, texture and color.
  • Stemgrass Blade = The blades are wider than diamond or flat blades, making it one of most popular blade designs for its realistic look and feel. This blade design is recommended for residential and commercial lawns with medium traffic.
  • U Blade = Blades stand upright under pressure, making it perfect for high traffic areas. Soft to touch, reliable and durable. Great for commercial landscaping primarily due to its high wear and tear tolerance.
  • W Blade = Comes with Cool Max Technology. The blade is designed to reflect sunlight and retain moisture, which keeps it 15 – 20 degrees cooler than other turfs.
  • Double W Blade = The three veins of the blades create a realistic look – to such a degree that the human eye cannot see the difference between a natural and artificial lawn. The wavy surface of each blade diffuses sunlight, which both reduces the possibility of an unnatural, plastic appearance AND carries away more heat energy which prevents lawns from overheating. Durability is another advantage – it is highly durable under constant pressure, which makes it great for high-traffic areas.

Can I get samples of your product?

  1. Contractors: We offer 1′ x 1′ samples of our turf. We want you to be able to take the turf samples to your clients so they can touch and feel the turf, and have the chance to pick the right color. We can mail you samples whenever you are low, or you can stop into any of our store locations.
  2. Homeowners: We offer 1′ x 1′ samples of our turf. You can stop into one of our 6 store locations, or we can mail you samples for $15 to cover shipping costs.

Watersavers Turf Product Questions

What size does the tape come in?

  1. The EasySeam Tape comes 4.5” wide x 66′ long.
  2. The Standard Seaming Tape comes 6” wide x 50′ long with adhesive that is best for low traffic areas.
  3. The XGS Seaming Tape comes 1’ wide and we can cut it to any length you need!

Can the standard seaming tape be used with glue?

It is OK to put seaming glue on the standard seaming tape. However, we still recommend you use 4-6inch nails and stagger them along the seam for a secure seam.

What seaming method do you recommend?

We recommend using our XGS Seaming Glue (comes in 3 sizes: 1 quart, 1 gallon and 5 gallons), and our XGS Seaming Tape. It is designed for sports fields and the bond will hold under rough wear and tear.

If you choose to use the standard seaming tape, we recommend you use 4-6inch nails and stagger them along the seam for a secure seam.

How long does it take for the seam to dry?

With the XGS products, the glue sets after 2 hours. But we recommend waiting 4 hours before stretching. You can carpet kick / stretch the turf after 4 hours, but start a few feet away from the seam to ensure there is no puckering. (NOTE: other glue products take 24 – 48 hours to dry.)

How long does it take for the seaming glue to dry?

It takes 24 hours to dry. Even with the nails in place to secure the seam, you want to give it the 24 hours to dry before carpet kicking it / stretching it. Otherwise it will pucker at the seam in between the nails.

What size bender board do you carry?

  1. Metal = 3/16″ W x 4″ H x 16ft L, and it includes the stakes
  2. Plastic = We have two options, and stakes are extra (not included):
    1. 1″ W x 4″ H x 20ft L
    2. 2″ W x 4″ H x 20ft L

What size gopher wire do you carry?

All gopher wire is 1/2″ square, but we carry it in two sizes:

  1. 4ft x 100ft
  2. 6ft x 100ft

What size weed fabric do you carry?

We carry it in 3 different sizes:

  1. 4ft x 250ft
  2. 6ft x 250ft
  3. 12ft x 250ft

How many nails are in a box?

For our 5” turf nails, there are approx. 500 nails in a box (50 lb box).

For our 6” spiral shank turf nails, there are approx. 600 nails in a box (50 lb box).

What are the different types of infill materials?

Watersavers Turf offers:

  • SILICA (sand): Silica sand is the most economical way of infill. This product is a natural infill that is non-toxic, and it can be used in conjunction with many other infills on the market.
  • ZEOFILL: Organic, natural, and environmentally safe infill. ZeoFill is designed to eliminate odors from pets. It traps and controls odors and quickly absorbs moisture.
  • GREEN SAND: Kiln dried sand, coated with Arch Biocide (an anti-bacterial) and green in color. It is an environmentally friendly, premium infill material, and is less abrasive than natural sand.

Installation Tips & Tricks

How much infill should I use?

One 50lb bag will cover 35-50 square feet. You want to use 1lb – 1.5lbs of infill per square foot. (Note: Except putting greens, see below.)

Are there different infill amounts, etc. in regards to putting turf?

YES! Putting turf differs widely in both the amount of infill used and the installation process itself.

  1. Infill amount = 2lbs per square foot (one 50lb bag will cover 25 sq.ft.)
  2. Seaming area = make sure to use finishing nails!
  3. Putting greens have NO surface or perimeter nails.

What is the best direction to install turf in?

  1. You need to ensure the stitching on the back matches up along the LENGTH (not along the width of the Turf).
  2. You also need to be aware of what direction you face the BLADES in. We recommend:
    1. Front Yard = Face towards the street (unless homeowner wants otherwise)
    2. Back Yard = Face towards the house

What is the best way to stretch the turf?

You want to stretch the seam from the inside, working your way out. Seam together starting on the inside, and carpet kick the seam out to the edges / bender board. This will allow for a smoother application.

How to create proper drainage?

The area cannot be flat! When creating the base, be sure to create a slight grade for drainage.

What is the best way to compact the base rocks?

The best way is to use a compactor machine (we do not sell). However, another option is to use a long roller (we do carry).

How smooth does the decomposed granite surface need to be?

As smooth as possible! Otherwise your turf will not lay flat. You do not want to rush this layer.

Do you recommend gopher wire and/or weed barrier?

YES! A gopher cannot get through the turf BUT they can create tunnels, making the turf uneven. As for weeds, they can grow through the turf. So, you definitely want to help reduce that with weed fabric.

Do not install turf around windows!

If you install artificial turf near windows (even up to 20 feet away), the turf will burn and the warranty is void. To prevent this from happening, the windows need to have a protective film coating or screens need to be installed.

Do not install turf in cold weather!

You need sun in order to install turf. You want to lay out the turf in the sun 1 – 2 hours before installation (backing up) so it is stretched and flexible, making it easier to work with.