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Raise the Roof: Artificial Turf Rooftops for Commercial Applications

There are many ways to use artificial turf to save water and money. These days turf installations have gone way past the bounds of yards and stadiums. One spot you may not have considered is a rooftop. Synthetic grass is a great way to dress up a roof space and have a pretty, green space in your business. Why not make your rooftop an outdoor living space with turf that you don’t have to water, mow, or feed? Another benefit to a rooftop turf is that unlike real grass, faux grass does not require major support. No significant construction is necessary to hold the extra weight. Watersavers can help make artificial turf rooftops a beautiful reality with our strong, low upkeep products! 

Turf for Green RoofsMore Usable Space and Lightweight

Artificial turf rooftops allow you to maximize your usable space and the turf’s light weight doesn’t require additional structural support. Turf for green roofs solves a wide range of issues: 

  • Reduces sun reflection 
  • Conserves water 
  • Prevents injuries that can occur on real grass 
  • Helps prevent slipping and remains puddle-free 

 Synthetic grass is also non-toxic and lead-free. Choose the safe, easy way to enhance your space! You’ll be so happy with the results. 

We have a wide range of artificial grass products. Each goes a long way to make artificial turf rooftops a beautiful reality. Our best-quality products include Coastal Plush and Monte Verde. Our Willow features a high face weight and a cost-saving standard blade, and the W Blade 60 has cool max technology that reflects sunlight. The Olive 51 and Emerald 46 are our value products, and they feature our usual great quality. Since it’s tough to judge what you would want by a picture online, we offer free 1’ x 1’ samples. Now, you can touch and see the product to make the best choice. 

Turf for Living WallsDown-to-Earth Work Spaces

If you’ve ever seen a “living wall,” you know that they are a great way to soften urban settings and provide some green space. You can dress up a commercial area in no time by adding an artificial turf wall. Nothing looks better than a splash of green on an old wall. Additionally, the turf will not fade. Rain will wash it clean, keeping it neat and lush. If you own a business, imagine how easy on the eyes a wall covered in “grass” would be to clients. You can also mix turf with vines or other types of real plants for a great look.  

Did you know that green spaces can also create better work atmospheres? In fact, Reuters reported that a UK study showed a 15% increase in productivity in “lean” offices that have plants in them. Lean offices work under the assumption that pared-down spaces offer fewer distractions for workers. However, the study proves that having nature-filled spaces matters. Just think how much production would increase at work with green walls or artificial turf rooftops! Your workers will love some realistic artificial grass. 

Green Walls and Artificial Turf RooftopsJust Do It!

What are you waiting for? If you are a business owner and you want to beautify your space, look into creating a green wall or rooftop with synthetic grass. Watersavers has you covered with all types and grades of turf, along with any related tools. Whether you are looking to make a space better for workers or just have a pretty backdrop for clients, we can help you stay at the top of your game! Call us at 844-974-8873 to find out more about your options and start planning your green space today!