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HOA’s and Artificial Grass Wars

If you belong to a homeowners association (HOA), you know that making any upgrades to your home requires approval from the board. HOAs want to convey a sense of order and curb appeal for their homes. Therefore, it is important that any upgrades are approved by the association.  

One great way for HOAs to cut down on upkeep costs and water usage is to install artificial grass. Not only does it look great, but it also feels great. Synthethic turf requires no water, which is a real plus in areas hit by drought. In essence, HOAs and artificial grass are the perfect match. Watersavers Turf provides HOAs with a broad range of faux grass choices at price points to fit all budgets. Our high-quality products can turn any condo complex or group of homes into a green, water-saving, charming space. 

Although they began in the mid 19th century, HOAs didn’t come into being until the 1960s. As land became less available, building costs went up. Then, the FHA gave a thumb’s up to home mortgage insurance solely for condos or groups of homes with HOAs. Once suburbs sprang up, so did group housing and HOAs. Today, these living spaces are quite common as are the rules in place by which all can live. 

Artificial GrassGov. Jerry Brown OKs CA HOA Members to Put It In

In 2015, largely in answer to California’s drought, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that allowed HOA members to put in artificial grass. Brown felt that HOAs should not make people install real lawns, but instead help them conserve water by using artificial grass. He urged people to install synthetic turf for the good of the state. Today, some cities are even giving people rebates to use this type of lawn. This is a huge step toward solving the drought problem. We think it’s about time! 

It is likely that HOAs forbade the use of artificial grass in the past because it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. Today, HOAs and artificial grass go hand in hand. Present turf looks so much like the real thing that it is quite hard to tell the difference! Now, artificial grass is soft, lush, and able to stand up to any type of weather. 

Watersavers Turfthe Source for All Your Needs

Why wait to make your condo complex or group of homes green and eco-friendly? Contact us to do your part to save water and reduce costs for owners! Reach out to us for a free quote or to get free 1×1’ turf samples. You can also call us with any questions at 844-974-8873. With our products, you can turn your water-wasting grass into a green garden setting with low upkeep. What HOA could argue with that?