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Why Pet Turf for Kennels is the Ideal Choice

A dog may be man’s best friend, but pet turf is a shelter dog’s best friend. If you have ever been to a pet shelter you know that these sweet little beings are having a tough time while waiting for their forever homes. One way to make things easier is to provide them with high-quality pet grass. Our pet turf for kennels provides many benefits. It’s safe, easy to maintain, and has proper drainage to ensure the turf stays clean and dry. 

Watersavers Turf has special pet turf that drains better than regular sod. We also carry an infill called ZeoFill, which is made of Zeolite. It traps odors and absorbs moisture. Our commercial pet turf does not have a polyurethane backing. This means it does not hold water and drains very well. Since this product is made from a woven material, it stands up to any high level action your pets can dish out. 

Pet Shelters: A Brief History

Although it is sad to see pets in shelters, without them, these animals would be out on the street. Shelters have come a long way in the US. They started out in colonial times as an area to round up livestock and other animals that were bought from the pound master. In 1866, the ASPCA was formed and was the first animal welfare group in the country. Slowly but surely, the concept of animal control came into being, and with that, shelters. 

In the 1970s, people started to pay more attention to the humane treatment of animals. Pet housing began to focus on pet rescue. The SPCA claims that today, 5,000+ animal safe houses exist in the US. Now, more shelters are choosing a no-kill rule for homeless pets, which means more crowding. Using pet turf for kennels—particularly in kennels with many animals—simply makes good sense. 

Synthetic Pet Turf for Kennels

If you own a kennel or work at one, you know the woes of cleaning. Easy cleanup is one of the many advantages of synthetic pet turf for kennels. You love your furry friends, so why not give them a clean and comfy space to play without worrying about the dirt factor? Artificial turf is good for you and your pets! From little critters to big guys, animals love this stuff, and so will you. 

Synthetic pet turf for kennels is a great answer for a safe and clean place for your loved one. Imagine what it would be like to not have brown spots and holes in your kennel. Turf will not only keep your clients’ pets clean, but it will also drain water or rain through. No more standing puddles which cut down on fleas, ticks, and other pests. You can also control odor in the kennel with ZeoFill. Additionally, ZeoFill keeps turf cool and will not clog your drains!  

Last, but not least, this type of turf will stand up to even the most playful pets and will control gophers, moles, and other pests! 

K9 TurfCommercial Grass for Dogs and other Pets

With its flow-through backing, odor protection, strong blades, and no-infill design, K9 turf is the ideal pet turf for kennels. Why not create a cleaner and safer area and say good-bye to gravel, concrete, and muddy paws? It’s the right thing to do.  

Not only is commercial grass green in color, but it is also green in the eco-friendly sense. It saves gallons upon gallons of water a year and reduces carbon emissions, along with fuel use from lawn mowers. On top of that, K9 turf keeps pets away from bad pesticides and controls odor. It even stands up to chewing, pulling, and digging.  

Both shelters and kennels can enjoy long-term savings with K9 turf. Additionally, it will free up a lot of time that is usually spent on cleaning. We provide free samples so you can choose and buy with confidence. Call 844-974-8873 now or get an estimate online to find out more about Watersavers’ pet turf for kennels. Get on the road to saving money while making pets happy and healthy!