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Turf Carpet for All Types of Events

If you have ever been to an event held on real grass and felt your heels sink into the wet soil, you may agree that turf carpet is a great idea for affairs of all types. A turf carpet at an event provides a pretty, green, eco-friendly surface that is ideal for any venue. This type of ground cover says “come in” loud and clear, it can stand up to any weather, and it needs low-to-no upkeep. Save money, water, and upkeep costs by putting in fake grass at your next event and make all of the guests happy. Watersavers can help you pick the perfect product to use with its full line of high-quality fake grass made for all types of events, from weddings to car shows to parties to trade shows.

Our line includes:

  • Our top-of-the-line Coastal Plush, which has a 94-ounce face weight and Evernatural Premium, which has a 111 ounce total weight.
  • In the next price point down, the Willow features high face weight and a cost-saving standard blade, while the W Blade 60 has cool max technology that reflects light from the sun.

It can be hard to choose a product by just looking at website pictures, so we offer clients free 1’ x 1’ samples so they can feel and see the same thing they will be putting in their yards. This is a great way to ensure you are making the right choice.

Event TurfCrowd- and Eco-Friendly Real-Grass Substitute

Event turf is perfect for events spaces because it is easy to install and can be cut to fit any size venue; it can be used more than once, and you do not have to seed, sod, water, or mow it. What more could you ask for? We have more: our“grass” will stay pretty and green even under heavy sun contact, and it is also non-toxic and lead-free. Event turf can also hold up to a lot of foot traffic, which is standard at any good event. It will keep the event space green and clean, and there won’t be any nasty mud or dirt (even if it rains) for your guests to deal with! You can also even use fake grass indoors for a cool, green look. Some venues insist that if guests scratch or scuff the floor, they must repair it, but our products take all the worry out of wrecking a floor. We have great items to fit your needs for any event, from indoor to outdoor and from budget to high-end.

Turf EventsSome Fun Facts about Turf

  • Dean of the NC State University College of Textiles David Chaney led a research team to create the first turf in 1960.
  • The first fake grassinstall was in 1964 at RI prep school’s outside area.
  • Turf went into the Astrodome in Houston, TX, in 1966.
  • In the 1970s, fake grass was gaining favor for stadiums in the US.
  • Major League Baseball started using turf in 1966.
  • AstroTurf used to be called ChemGrass.
  • The first football team to play on fake grass was the Houston Oilers in 1968.
  • In 2006, Gillette Stadium switched from real to fake so that the ground cover would stand up to bad weather during events.
  • Even some airports use fakegrass.

Artificial Turf Carpetthe Right Choice for Events

If you want your affair to go off without a hitch, try using artificial turf carpet. It’s good for the earth and good for the guests, and it provides a nice surface for walking around and mingling. Don’t make your guests slosh around on wet grass or muddy fields; instead, give them a soft, green carpet to stand on. Make your next event a memorable one by putting in artificial turf carpet.  It is the event carpet choice! At Watersavers, we have all you need to make your next event a success from the ground up, so call us at 844-974-8873 for more info or visit our estimates page by clicking here.