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A Synthetic Lawn Game ZoneBackyard Sports: Golf and Bocce Games

Want to know the easiest way to turn your home yard into a landscape of fun? Score some points with guests and family members by giving your outdoor space a play zone for golf or bocce. With some top-notch products and little creative thinking, a do-it-yourself game court is just a quick installation away. Synthetic lawn offers a smooth surface with visual appeal that’s easy to care for and ideal for home sports. Watersavers has game turfs that range from economy level all the way up to pro-caliber sports fields. Our artificial grass is perfect for adding some backyard game terrain to any residential yard for extra fun.

Backyard Putting and HealthGolf Linked to Long Lifespans

A Swedish study in 2008 showed that when it comes to living long and living well, golf equals health. Statistics from that study’s data correspond to a five-year increase in life expectancy for golfers when compared with non-golfers of the same age and sex. Those with the lowest handicaps saw the most benefit. Adding a synthetic lawn to your backyard to practice putting can help you golf more, which will give your health a boost. While the sport gained fame being played on live lawns, professional and amateur golfers alike now play on artificial turf in growing numbers. The Southern Nevada Water Authority estimates that the golf industry is saving more than a billion gallons of water a year in the Las Vegas Valley alone, just by switching from live lawns to fake grass. That’s great news for the planet as the sport’s water usage gets lower and lower, one putting green at a time. Whether you opt for a pro-caliber course with sand traps and other challenges, or just build your own playful miniature golf range, our high-quality product makes an excellent, low maintenance surface for your game. To complete your home golf course, we stock a full line of golf flags, flag poles, and golf cups. It’s one stop shopping for a hole-in-one, so why not put all the health benefits of this classic sport right in your backyard?

Build a DIY Bocce Court with a Synthetic Lawn for Fun Home Play

A bocce court is easy to build in your yard, and with synthetic lawn, the price point is low. Whether you have room for a large or small court, the supplies are affordable, and you won’t need advanced construction skills. An official regulation bocce ball court is 91’ x 13’ feet. The closer your backyard bocce court is to that size, the more challenging your play will be, but for casual games, a smaller court can still offer good fun and great practice. Design expert Matt Clawson suggests a minimum bocce court size of 70’ x 10’ for serious players. A backyard bocce lane can be playable as small as 20’ feet long for a simple game, but the bigger the court, the bigger the fun. Want to know how to make your own court, and what to use to make it? This DIY backyard bocce tutorial walks you through the process, from marking the area to finishing the court with a soft carpet of live grass substitute. The pop of green color adds visual appeal, it’s easy to maintain and keep clean, and the surface is pet and kid friendly.

To add a backyard sports zone to your yard with a top-quality synthetic lawn, contact Watersavers Turf, view our products online, or visit one of our California store locations.