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Yard Turf for Home Playgroundsthe Safety Choice for Playground Designers

Don’t you want your home’s landscape to be fun and safe for your kids? School landscape designers are choosing yard turf for playgrounds in record numbers to save water, to save money, and to boost safety. Experts cite plastic grass as one of the safest choices for kids. Now, smart parents are joining in on the trend and choosing yard turf for their residential lawns and home playgrounds. Watersavers is glad to offer its high-quality turf products plus padding and all the accessories you need to make your child’s backyard play area a safer place.

Yard Turf for KidsCertified Playground Safety Expert Promotes Turf Product

In an interview, safety inspector, Kyle Kaplan shared the view that plastic grass is the safest choice for kids. Kaplan said, “As a certified playground safety inspector, I can honestly tell you that synthetic turf playgrounds have the safest, cleanest, and best-looking surfaces available.” Here are the facts on why starting with one very big reason. Head trauma from falls is a serious concern in playground design. Each surface has what’s called a “critical fall height.” That term means “the distance a child can fall onto this surface from with no major injury.” When correctly installed with the right padding, turf has a better critical fall height than classic play surfaces like mulch or poured rubber!

That makes artificial grass ideal for where kids may climb, fall, or jump. That’s the story on big falls, but what about little scrapes and bruises? Synthetic lawn wins here, too. Unlike natural sod, artificial grass drains fully and fast after rain. That means less mud, so kids have fewer of the skids and slips that can lead to skinned knees and other small injuries. Reduced chemical exposure is another plus for faux lawn. Live sod often needs fertilizers or pest sprays to look its best. Those coat grass blades with chemicals, which means exposure to toxins at close range for kids. This can be bad news for your little ones. With artificial yard turf for playgrounds from Watersavers Turf, fertilizers and pest control sprays aren’t needed, so there’s no safety concern about what’s on the grass.

Crumb Rubber Playground Material on Federal Watch

The EPA, the CDC, and the CPSC have made a joint action plan to study the health risks of crumb rubber in 2016. Crumb rubber could be harmful, and may even raise cancer risks. That is why all the products we stock are 100% lead-free, non-toxic, and include no crumb rubber material. That means our products are healthy for kids, adults, and even pets.

To learn more about adding a yard turf for playgrounds, contact Watersavers Turf or visit one of our California stores. You can also browse our products online.