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Artificial Golf Turfthe Future of Eco-Smart Grass

What does the drought in the SF Bay Area mean for golf? The lack of rain and low water reserves here change how we live each and every day. CA folks are all on the lookout for ways to save H20. From people who take short showers to restaurants that no longer put a glass of water on the table, every drop saved helps. When it comes to the game of golf, there’s one big change that will make a difference in how much water the sport needs. Artificial golf turf cuts water use and keeps the course green so that you can have smooth play at a low cost with no drought guilt. Playing this game on a course with large fields of live grass is not a smart choice for the Earth. These huge live lawns soak up gallons of water to stay plush, full, and bright. This overuse of water is all about to change, thanks to artificial golf turf. Choosing synthetic grass for golf courses and putting greens lets players swing and score on a great, soft lawn that’s as big a win for CA’s reservoirs as it is for sports fans. Watersavers Turf makes it easy to switch! We have a full range of artificial golf turf styles plus all the golf accessories and tools you need to install and care for a course or putting green made with fake grass. From cups and flags to infill and pads, we’re a one-stop-shop for all your golf turf needs.

Synthetic Golf Grass Goes Global at Reef Palms Course

Any SF Bay Area course that gets rid of its live sod and puts in soft faux grass will not stand alone in their wise choice.  When you opt-out of natural sod, you will join the golf courses around the world that take a stand with the green choice of synthetic golf grass. Have you heard of the Reef Palms Resort in Australia? Reef Palms is in the lower Queensland area of Australia. When drought struck there, some smart folks down under knew it was time to make a big change. Developers, Rita and Chris Dadson set out to build the worlds’ largest course made from synthetic golf grass, the Reef Palms course. This par 70, 18-hole course is located in the heart of their resort and has a large tourist draw. The Dadsons state that their new synthetic golf course will only cost them $100k to $150k to maintain per year. That’s a lot less than the approx. $1M to $1.5M it would cost to tend a real grass course of the same scale! In a drought spot like Zilzie Bay where water costs are high, just like in the SF Bay Area, each gallon saved is cash in the bank. The Dadsons are not the only ones with the idea to switch to turf. There are others that have followed suit like the Echo Basin Ranch & Golf Club in Colorado. Pro golfers have also joined the fake lawn trend. World No. 1 Vijay Singh and U.S. Open champ Geoff Ogilvy are just two big names who have built faux grass courses at their homes. These stars like to putt on artificial fairway turf when they are not on tour as PGA pros. From Reef Palms to all over the world, turf is the new green.

Synthetic Putting Greens Swing for the Eco-Smart Win

The faux grass trend has made gains at pro courses, due to its low water use and the savings on labor costs. With artificial fairway turf, you do not need to hire staff to mow, weed, or re-seed the grounds. That makes a big difference when you have a large course, but it can lower the costs for a smaller range as well. The same boosts that have helped turf gain a hold for full courses also make faux lawn a smart choice for synthetic putting greens. Watersavers faux grass can stand up to 20 years of use. The smooth surface and strength of our high-quality turf blades means the green looks and feels great for swing after swing. Synthetic putting greens and courses of all sizes are at their best with sports field turf from Watersavers Turf.

In addition to golf turf, Watersavers has all the putting green accessories you need from the first tee to the last hole. We stock flags in bright, fun colors, and we’ve got cups, poles, and mats, plus pads and infill that will help your lawn stay smooth for years. Call us at 844-974-8873, chat with us online, or drop into one of our stores to learn more about our putting green accessories and our range of faux grass. Or, why not get a quote from us right now for free?