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Synthetic Turf for StadiumsSports Field Turf a Top Green Trend for 2016

Did you know that more NFL teams now play on artificial turf than on real grass fields? Pros choose synthetic turf for stadiums due to the fact that it is safe, smooth, tough and economical. Football, baseball, and soccer are just a few of the games where teams score a win for the Earth when they use synthetic turf for stadiums. Live grass fields may need up to 55 gallons of water per square foot per year to stay soft and full. That’s a lot when CA is in the midst of a drought! When you put fake lawn in your arena, you will save water. Your fans and teams will get a lush green field that looks good, plays great, and can boast a lower risk of injury to the athletes who play on it. Pro teams and school leagues across the U.S. can see that it makes sense to pick synthetic turf for stadiums. When you are game to join this trend and go eco-smart with your sports lawn, Watersavers Turf has top quality sports field turf plus all the pads and infill you will need to get your lawn ready for play.

5-year Study Shows Artificial Field Turf is Safer than Live Grass

Good teams play hard, and that means they run fast, jump high, and kick with all the strength they have got. It also means that when a player falls, they are going to fall hard. If your team still plays on live sod, you should know what science has shown about the safe gains for teams who play on artificial field turf. How does it change injury rates and when you switch to a faux lawn? Just ask experts Michael C. Meyers Ph.D., FACSM, and Bill S. Barnhill, MD. Their 5-year study of high school football took a look at games on live grass and on artificial field turf to see which kind of sports field has the best safety score for teams. While games played on faux lawn had small scrapes and scuffs for players, games on live fields had a much greater risk of major harm in the five years that the study tracked. Brain, head, and spine injuries were at the top of the list for safe play on fake grass. In the five years they looked at, their study found that games on fake lawn had a big 66% reduction in neural injuries. Cranial/cervical head and spine injury rates were cut in half for games on synthetic grass. Those stats make a strong case for why you should swap your live sod out and put in fake grass. When you pair a faux field with shock pads that can stand up to tough hits, you let players do their best with no fear. It’s a win for your team when you take care of their health, so choose a field that takes the hit for them in rough games. This 5-year study of play risks shows that fake lawn is a smart call.

10-year Cost of Artificial Grass for Arenas Beats Live Sod

Safe play is its own good reason to choose fake sod, but that’s not the only way that artificial grass for arenas beats a live field once you do the math. When you look at the cost of your lawn, a fake field is an easy “yes” for team owners who keep an eye on the bottom line. Once the fake grass is in place, it does not need to be watered, and you won’t have to mow it. The fact that faux lawn is easy to care for means it stays in top shape for game after game at a low cost. The reduced labor costs can help teams clear more earnings per game. Who would not want that kind of boost? If you want to see some real stats, check out a 10-year cost analysis of fake lawn and real grass costs on a standard size 80,000 square foot sports field. It puts the cost per an hour of use on live sod at $49.72, while an hour of play on a faux sports field like ours is just $12.95. In that set of data, the artificial grass for arenas held up for more games too. While the live grass wore down to dirt after about 18,000 hours of play, the faux sod was strong and fresh for a full 44,000 hours of use. Our product can last over 20 years and comes with a 10-year commercial warranty.

Ready to switch to sports turf, or want to know more? Watersavers Turf can help with all of your artificial field turf needs. Get a free quote, visit one of our SF Bay Area stores, or call us at 844-974-8873.