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Artificial Turf Cleaner & Pet Odor NeutralizerOxyTurf

Do you want a pet zone that’s clean and smells fresh? We recommend using OxyTurf – a powerful and safe synthetic turf cleaner and deodorizer with a fresh grass scent. It’s an all-in-one cleaner, disinfectant, degreaser, and pet odor neutralizer. It kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria (including the flu and Covid-19) using hydrogen peroxide and other natural ingredients. This pet odor neutralizer helps get rid of pet smells in home yards, and in high traffic areas like kennels, dog runs, and dog parks. It’s also ready to use out of the bottle (you do not need to mix with water). Lastly, you can do all of this cleaning and deodorizing with OxyTurf without soaking your turf in chemicals. It is safe for every day use.

Pet Grass Cleaner and Odor Neutralizer for Artificial Turf

Pet odor eliminator, cleaner, and disinfectant

It is easy to apply OxyTurf when you need to clean your synthetic turf. Just hold the bottle 6-8 inches away and start squirting. Soak the area completely. Then, let OxyTurf sit for 10 minutes, and that is it! OxyTurf gets to work immediately and finishes doing its job in just ten minutes.

We carry OxyTurf Cleaner & Deodorizer in two different sizes:

  • OxyTurf’s 1 gallon battery powered sprayer is a great solution for smaller residential applications and areas of synthetic turf that are under 1,000 square feet in size. The battery powered sprayer delivers OxyTurf in multiple spray patterns to fit your application needs.
  • OxyTurf’s 32oz spray bottle is perfect for smaller areas of turf such as pet pads, balcony turf, and other small turf areas up to 250 square feet. This spot spray comes in handy with a quick blast of help.

OxyTurf can also be used to clean any hard surface, including decks, patio furniture, and concrete. In addition, it’s great for removing hard water deposits that are common on artificial turf. Lastly, it’s a great disinfectant to get your turf bacteria and germ free. Easily maintain a beautiful and safe backyard with this product.

Contact Watersavers Turf for any of your pet turf needs. Artificial grass cleaner and pet odor neutralizer spray is just one of the many turf accessories you can find at Watersavers Turf. Get a free quote, visit one of our stores, or give us a call at 844-974-8873.