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  • Putt-46-BiColor is a highly recommended artificial sports turf.
  • Putt-46-BiColor is a highly recommended artificial sports turf.

Putt-46-Bicolor For Putting Greens

Putt-46-BiColor has a 71-ounce weight and a blade height of 1/2”. The color is bi-color green – the two tones are dark green and lime, creating a nice contrast on your putting green or driving range. Enjoy the ideal golf game thanks to artificial sports turf from Watersavers Turf.

Product Details
  • Color Bi-Color Green
  • Total Weight 71 oz.
  • Backing weight 25 oz.
  • Pile Height 1/2"
  • Roll Size 15' x 100'
  • Face weight 46 oz.
  • Foot Traffic Low - High
  • icon Bocce Courts
  • icon Cricket
  • icon Putting Green
  • icon Sports

Sports Turf for Putting Green Use—Putt-46-Bicolor

When you’re out on the fairway during a golf game, you have one major goal: to make it to the green. That’s why the Putt-46-Bicolor, part of our line of sports turf for putting green use, is designed to be easy to spot. Its combo of light and dark tones is perfect for a golf course. The darker shades make it look natural and real. The lighter shades ensure that it is easy to see. You can’t play under par if you can barely tell where you’re aiming.

On top of that, the blades are ½” in height. This artificial putting green is ideal when you’re trying to putt the ball perfectly towards the hole. Rather than trying to roll it through thick grass, you’ll be able to smoothly direct it towards the flag. A golfer’s game will improve in a big way if the surface is even. If you run a course, adding this item will draw in more players. Your members are simply more likely to enjoy the day if the surface remains as it should be.

To get a better sense of this product’s benefits, head to a Watersavers Turf location and ask about picking up your own free 1’ x 1’ samples. If you can’t make it to us, we’ll be happy to ship them to you.