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  • Sequoia-is-an-artificial-grass-product-from-Watersavers-Turf
  • Sequoia-is-an-artificial-grass-product-from-Watersavers-Turf


Sequoia has been one of our top selling products year after year. This is due to it offering deep olive/emerald color tones, in addition to having an engineered “S” blade to diffuse light and reduce the shine of the turf. This product offers a 112-ounce weight and 1-3/4” blade height, making it a high quality, plush product.

The Sequoia product is ideal for any front or backyard project where you will enjoy your yard in both sun and shade. There is no shine on this product, so no matter what time of day your synthetic lawn will look real with no artificial sheen. This product is also great for corporate rooftops and residential roof decks!

Product Details
  • Color Olive Green/Emerald Green
  • Total Weight 112 oz.
  • Thatch Brown/Green
  • Backing weight 22 oz.
  • Pile Height 1-3/4"
  • Roll Size 15' x 75'
  • Face weight 90 oz.
  • Foot Traffic Low - High
  • icon Commercial
  • icon Landscapes
  • icon Patios
  • icon Residential

Artificial Grass for Residential & Commercial Use — Sequoia

Any land, be it a home or business, will cost a lot of money to maintain. Lawn care costs also add up over the years. That’s why you should replace your yard with the Sequoia, our artificial grass for residential and commercial use. In doing so, you’ll do away with the need to water or mow your backyard. Also, this item has the added benefit of a heavy face weight, natural coloring, and blades that are designed not to shine making this product look very real. As with all our turfs, it’s also lead-free and non-toxic.

You don’t need to own a home to see why this is a good idea. If you own any sort of business, this commercial synthetic grass also makes sense. Guests want to enjoy a sense of peace and calm when they visit. Our gorgeous green lawn can provide that feeling. With this item, you won’t have to hire someone to maintain it. So, you can spend your budget on something else.

Next time you’re in the SF Bay area, stop by a Watersavers Turf location and ask about getting your hands on free 1’ x 1’ samples. If you’re not from around here, we’ll ship them to you instead.

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