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  • Riviera Monterey-65 is beautiful artificial turf to install in your home and business.
  • Riviera Monterey-65 is beautiful artificial turf to install in your home and business.

Riviera Monterey-65 — All Around Artificial Grass

Riviera Monterey-65 offers a 90 ounce weight, and a blade height of 1-3/4”. The combination of emerald green and lime green colors with brown and green thatching looks natural and realistic while providing a nice contrast and depth. This has an M Blade, which is an engineered blade designed to eliminate shine and make the turf look more realistic.

Product Details
  • Color Lime Green/Emerald Green
  • Total Weight 90 oz.
  • Thatch Brown/Green
  • Backing weight 25 oz.
  • Pile Height 1-3/4"
  • Roll Size 15' x 100'
  • Face weight 65 oz.
  • Foot Traffic Low - High
  • icon Commercial
  • icon Landscapes
  • icon Playgrounds
  • icon Residential

Artificial Grass for Residential & Commercial Use—Riviera Monterey-65

It’s the dream of many to own a nice home with a good-looking lawn. This dream doesn’t need to cost a lot of time and money anymore. With the Riviera Monterey-65, you can have your ideal yard without spending more than you planned. The blades are made not to shine, and with its lime green/emerald blend and brown/green thatch, it looks like a thriving lawn all year long. There’s no need to water to keep it growing.

It’s easy to see why you would want to install it at your home. But the Riviera Monterey-65 is also a great choice if you own a business and want to bring in guests. Riviera Monterey-65 can work as an indoor surface for a back-to-nature seating area or for a front yard lawn. You will not only make more money by drawing in more business—you will also save a lot in the long run. It’s a very smart choice for your bottom line.

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