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Artificial Grass Gains Popularity During the California Drought

June 17, 2021

We’re currently in another Bay Area drought in additional to a larger California drought. In fact, many counties in the Bay Area, including Napa and Contra Costa, have been upgraded to “exceptional drought” status. This is the most serious drought condition and impacts our water use. The Bay Area drought is real. We need to be aware of how much water we are using. Also, it’s important to keep in mind how we are consuming water during the California drought. This could be by doing laundry or watering our lawn. 

At Watersavers, we know that it takes a ton of water to keep that lawn green. For this reason, we offer a variety of artificial turf products that require minimal water use. Artificial turf looks great and is the sustainable option. 

Bay Area Drought and California Drought Conditions

Currently, the Bay Area is more dry than from 2012-2015, which were bad drought seasons. Moreover, in some parts of the Bay Area it has been the fourth driest water year since 1895, according to a climatologist with the Desert Research Institute. Further, as of late May the Sierra snowpack has very little snow and Marin County declared a drought emergency on May 18. At that time, Supervisor Dennis Rodoni declared that “drought conditions are the worst we’ve seen in over 140 years in Marin.”

The Bay Area drought needs to be taken seriously.

To get back to having a good water supply, the Bay Area and California would need above average rainfall in the coming years. For now, with new water use restrictions, including limiting days that sprinklers can be used, artificial turf is becoming even more popular.   

Artificial Turf Is The Answer for the Bay Area Drought

Artificial turf requires no water. In California, this means that synthetic turf is a great option for your backyard, restaurant patio, or urban roof space. Turf is also easy to install and is pet and kid friendly. Also, it requires no maintenance. Once installed, it’s the perfect solution for our state’s water issues. No sprinklers, no restrictions. No hassles with fertilizer or other chemicals. So, it’s safe for the family and there is so much you can do. Most important, though, is that it saves water and helps the Bay Area drought situation. This is why so many people are turning to artificial turf to curb the California drought. 

Curious To Know More – Contact Us!

We know that this can be a tough time. The Bay Area drought can be difficult to manage. But, if you have any questions we’d love to hear from you. 

We have seven Bay Area locations where a team member can answer your questions. We also offer a great warranty on our products and project free estimates

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